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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Low Down on the Schedule...

 I have a lot that I'm excited to tell you about this week, but I think I'll reserve much of it for my handwritten letter.  I did end up seeing Bryan Tanquary this last week, which was awesome.  I saw him in the lunchroom (actually I happened to be checking anyone who possibly could have been him's name tags, and saw that it was him haha).  We talked for a while about things, and wow it has been a while.  I'm really glad I was able to see him, I had prayed that I would.  I have actually seen several people from Bear River here (most of them a grade older than me), so it's been cool to talk to them or say hi.  I haven't seen Garrett yet, but I'll keep looking for sure.  I'm really hoping to talk to him.  

You asked how my typical day goes for me, and the order of events varies each day, but the things it's made up of stays pretty constant.  I wake up at 6:30am, go to bed at 10:30pm.  I have two 3-hour class blocks every day (except Tuesday and Friday when I only have one).  I have about an 2 hours worth of personal study every day, which is broken up in the in-between times.  I also have an hour and a half of language study every day where I work on whatever I want that has to do with the language.  I also have something called TALL, which is a computer program that is really good for learning vocabulary that we aren't taught in class.  Actually, we don't really learn much vocab in class anymore, it's mostly teaching principles and grammar things, as well as meeting with our investigators (we had one get baptized this week!  My companion and I were the first out our whole district to do it, and there still hasn't been anyone else who's done it yet.  So cool :) . Now we have a new investigator that we got to contact, which was fun).  We also get a little under an hour of gym time every day except Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday.  Tuesday is Personal Physical Exercise instead (which I hate, because I'd much rather play sports :p).  Thursday nights we talk to TRC investigators (usually return missionaries, but we did have a native Slovakian girl a couple times).  Tuesdays we have our devotional at the Marriott center (we got heavily rained on the way back from it a couple weeks ago, that was the night BYU lost, but I thought it was fun walking back in the rain).  Sunday has a lot of study time and usual Sunday meetings, as well as a temple walk and devotional. Friday is p-day (you already know that ha), which I go to the temple, do laundry, clean up, write letters, and finish the day with class.  That about sums everything up.  I'll answer the other questions in my letter, and tell you about some other stuff too.  I love you so much, and I am so glad that we have these ways to stay in touch.  You're the best family I could ask for :) .  Talk to you later!  S láskou, Starši Brown.

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