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Friday, September 6, 2013

At his mother's request...Pictures. :) Of the Cutest boys ever.

Hi mom :) .  Of course I will email you!  I'm thinking the email won't be quite as long this week because there's not quite as much to say.  But I will do my best :) .  And yes, I will get you a picture or two during laundry time.

As for things that I need...not really much.  I have plenty of pretty much everything.  Grandma Brown keeps sending me cookies and stuff every week. She made the best peanut butter cookies I've ever had, not going to lie.  I'll be sending her an email thanking her for that one for sure. Congratulations to Jaalah on her color guard routine, I hope it went well for her.  I always loved going to the sports games and cheering with all my friends. 

I wanted to bear my testimony to you in Slovak :) .  I doubt Google translator will be able to handle it--it's pretty flawed in the way of Slovak already, and between that and my mistakes it probably will make absolutely no sense.  But here goes :).  

    Viem že cirkev Ješiža Krista je pravdiva.  Boh bude pomahať jeho luďia ak oni budú vierí.  Viem že Boh nás miluje, a on može robiť všetký.  Nasledujem Boha aby som pomahal jeho luďia prisť mu.  Tiež, chcem sa vracať na Bohu jeden deň.  Nasledujte Boh.  Viem že bude vás pohžehnať či budete.  Hovorím tieto veči v mene Ježiša Krista, amen.

 I thought you might like to see some kind of indicator of my progress with the language, even if you can't understand or pronounce it.  It's certainly coming along, though there's still plenty to learn.  There's a lot of very intricate grammar principles that we have begun to delve into.  Did you watch Star Wars and listen to the Polish-speaking aliens?  I hope so ;) .  I'm still waiting on a letter from Jaalah (I got Tamsyn's yesterday), so I guess I'll write her back whenever I get her response (possibly today when we pick up the mail after lunch?).  Anyhow, I'll write your letters today.  Thanks for all your love, I'll get you those pictures later today.  I love you very very much.  Vás milujem!  Dovidenia!
Starši Zachary Hnedý (Slovak for Brown haha)

So one is with Elder Williams smiling, one is with us both (he's smiling like you wanted, but I thought it would be funny if I wasn't).  The third is the picture you actually asked for.  Also my purple friend joined us for the companionship pictures.  He feels like he's a part of the work, too.  Even though he hides under my bed all day haha.  I have your letter written now, so I'll be putting that in the mail later today.  I still have to write Tamsyn's.  Hopefully you like the pictures, we're just in our P-day clothes because we took the pictures today.  Love you lots mom!  You're the greatest :) .

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