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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Of Choir, Prayer and Fasting...

Dear Mom and Dad,

First I wanted to tell you about my choir experience this last week.  (I know I do every time, but they're always so awesome.)  We sang "Sweet Hour of Prayer" and the choir director had us do something that made it so much more meaningful to me.  He said to think of our most powerful, treasured prayer as we sang it and to apply the lyrics of the song to our feelings during the prayer.  the first thing this did for me was to make me think about all my prayers and to realize which one meant the most to me.  This was shortly followed by the realization that, much to my surprise, mine was a prayer of gratitude.  The spirit was so strong for me when I was pouring out my heart in joyful thanks.

Two days before choir was fast Sunday and I had decided to make my fast completely devoted to expressing my gratitude to my Heavenly Father.  That ended up being the most valuable experience I've ever had with fasting.  All day long the spirit was right there and the slightest spiritual topic, thought or prayer immediately brought it's warmth.  I also kept having more and more things come to mind that I was grateful for.  Really, the blessings in life are virtually endless.  There are definitely hard things, but those are insignificant when compared to all the good thins we have.  Every good thing I know comes from Heavenly Father.  He wants to bless us and looks for every opportunity to do so.

We had some new Polish elders come on Wednesday (the old ones left on Sunday).  I'm so excited to get to know them!  One of them is from England!  I really want to get to know him and learn about England (maybe pick up a bit of an accent early on haha).  Another one is from Switzerland so that's really cool too.

I've been learning a lot while I've been here. So much.  We have some of the best teachers here, I think.  I have loads to work on, obviously, but every day I end having learned many new things.  It's a really awesome thing to experience.

I want to let you know how much I love what a knowledge of the gospel's core truths brings to my life.  I strive to live up to those values and to prepare to share them with all of God's strength.  Sweet is the peace the gospel brings, truly.  There is no fruit sweeter than the love of God and that love abounds and readily surrounds us if we allow it.  I know this church is true.  I can't wait to go out and fulfill my purpose and calling in England.  I'm halfway there and continually prepare.  I know the Lord will lift me up to accomplish his work set out for me if I always give my all.  That I have done, that I am doing and that will I always do.

I love you all so much!  I love hearing from you so thank you for that and your support.  :)


Starši  Zachary Brown

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