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England Leeds Mission
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England LS18 5AZ

Friday, September 27, 2013

A letter and some pictures!

I just got back from the temple, so I don't have my travel plans on me right now, but I'll get them to you during laundry time.  They actually got revised, and the flight plans have changed.  I am allowed to call from the airport, so that'll be later in the morning or early to mid-afternoon.  I'm going to call you from the SLC airport because that's when I'll have the most time. 

 I've taken a bunch of pictures that I'll get to you during laundry time as well.  By the way, the dear elder system can't print out Slovak characters haha, so I only got about half of what you wrote me in Slovak (these emails process it fine though, so you can talk to me in Slovak all you want here :) ).  I did understand that you were tired, wanted to go to bed, killed 6 flies, and that you love me.  That's what's important, right?  Thanks for the socks and the thought about puzzles and how they apply to the gospel.  All of us really liked the thought. 

I'm so excited to get out to England.  I know I'm going to love the people so much, and I can't wait to finally get to work.  I know that I'm going to see miracles happen while I'm out serving, and I'm ready to give my all to the Lord so that he can work through me to accomplish his purposes.  We have had a lot of awesome lessons and training meetings this week, which have built a lot of anticipation in me for what I get to be a part of here very soon. Looking back on where I was when I got here I can see so much growth it stuns me.  The MTC has been awesome for teaching me a great deal that I know I am going to need.  The Spirit has opened my mind to learning in ways I have never experienced before.  I love it, and I am always looking for more to learn.  God is very generous when we seek his will, and he continually gives me new things to learn and work on.  I pray continually that I will be prepared here for what I encounter out in the field, because that's what my time here has been for.  Even though I only have a few days left, I plan on soaking up everything I possibly can.  I love this gospel with all my heart, and I want to share it with all who are willing to listen.  It is truly an honor to serve one of God's missionaries. 

I must say that you are my favorite mom.  Ever.  Amazing.  Incredible.  All of that :) .  I'll write more in my letter home, I have a request for dad that I want to ask him, but remember that I love you very much and that you are with my in my heart while I am serving.  You are just as much a part of this as I am.  I only get two years to serve, and you only get two years to have your son serve as a missionary.  What I'm doing out here directly blesses my family at home (that is right from a general authority).  So take as much joy in it as you can.  The only tears you should cry are those of happiness and joy.  Once again, I love you.  You are fantastic!
Zach (aka Elder Brown!)

Elder Brown with one of his teachers, Bro. Fish

The whole zone!

The Slovak District

A bunch of us from different districts that have become close in the last few weeks.

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