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Monday, September 23, 2013

Hosting and Travel Plans

Thanks for the emails, I do like them.  I forgot to mention you last package in my letter last week, but thanks for it!  I haven't had a chance to use the swords yet, but I imagine we will one of these last nights here.  I saw Garrett this Wednesday when he got here, which was great.  Yeah thanks a lot for telling me he was here when he wasn't!  All that diligent looking for nothing :p .  That's ok though haha. 

 I hosted this Wednesday instead of doing gym.  Remember how there was an Elder that greeted me when you dropped me off at the MTC and helped me with my bags and where to go?  That's what I did, and it was pretty fun.  I got to show the new missionaries where to go and stuff, and I enjoyed it a lot.  At this point, there aren't any missionaries here who have been here longer than the people in my zone.  We are the "experienced" ancients who are wise in the ways of the MTC in everyone else's eyes.  I feel exactly the same as I did the third week here as far as that goes haha, but I guess when I was at that point I saw the older missionaries in the same light.  It's funny because we're all truly just newbies here at the MTC.  8 weeks is a long time to have been here, but in comparison to how long some missionaries have been in the field, it's nothing at all.  Where you are in that time frame changes everything about how you perceive things ha.  I didn't get to host Garrett like I was hoping to, but that's ok. 

Salsa sounds really good--I probably won't get any for a long time.  It's more of a Mexican food, and England is pretty far removed from Mexico.  Can you believe I'll be in England in 12 days?  I only have one more p-day at the MTC!  Crazy stuff.  I'm so excited though, I can't wait to get out there and get going.  I want to start applying the things I've learned.  I'm really hoping that I'll be able to use my language a lot throughout the mission.  I want to have it completely mastered by the time I get back.  If I don't get to speak it much, I'm worried that I won't keep progressing in fluency. 

Elder Williams and I got to take a field trip of sorts to the InstaCare this week (don't worry, we're fine).  I'll tell you more about it in my letter because I'm about out of time, but it made things interesting that day haha.  Thanks for your support :) .  I love you so so much, and to have your love with me as I'm out here means everything.  Vy ste všetcí užasné.  S láskou, Starši Hnedý.

So I depart October 1st!  I go to the SLC airport, then fly to Atlanta, Georgia.  I have a 4 and a half hour layover (which I'm not overly excited for), and then I fly to Manchester.  I'll arrive in England at about 10 in the morning October 2nd. (I'm not sure if that's their time or our time).  I'm flying Delta, so they're charging $100 for my second suitcase.  I have enough cash to do that and still have my $200 emergency fund.  I've been frugal with my money, you would be proud :) .  I was even able to pay for my dry cleaning with my MTC card because I haven't been spending the money I get every week on it ($6 a week), so it built up enough to pay for it and still have some left over for laundry day.  Elder Williams and I are the only members of our travel group, so I'm the travel leader of two people haha.  I'm so excited now!  I thought I'd let you know today instead of waiting to send it in my letter :) .   Thanks mom, love you lots!

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