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Monday, August 4, 2014

Losing Weight, Speaking Roma and of course, Miracles

Hey mom and dad :) .  That's so epic that you met Jeremy Evans!!  Man, I wish I could've been there for that.  Thanks so much for getting that t-shirt, though, I'm way pumped about it.  Cool stuff with my good old coach, too--congrats for him, and tell him I said hi.  I thought the package was great--I opened it up at a point during the week when I had no snack food, so the crackers were fantastic.  I enjoyed the pictures, too.  It's good to see your happy faces :) .  By the way, I weighed myself yesterday and came in at 165 lbs--I've dropped 15 since coming out!  That's not too shabby, is it?

Well, this week's been a really interesting one, and I'm loving my new companion (Elder Moreira from Portugal, who's lived in England since he was 11, so he speaks with a proper English accent).  We have a lot of fun together, and it's made the old routine a lot more lively.  He's putting in a lot of effort to learn the language, and he's doing a really good job.  I'm glad of all that, and I'm hoping he'll stick around for a while.  

We have had some great miracles this week, and one of them was on our first full day together.  In our first lesson that day we actually scheduled a couple for baptism, so we were obviously pretty excited about that.  Then later we found a new family of people that moved in with some of the best members of our branch (one of whom is a branch missionary), the woman being the members' oldest daughter.  In our first lesson with them things went really well with great support from the members.  They were talking us up quite a lot in Roma, but I understood them (I'm getting quite a bit of that language down), and responded to some things in Roma.  The new people were pretty impressed and listened very well to what we had to say.  The man said at the end of the lesson to the member (in Roma) that he saw like light coming off of us, and clearly had been feeling something strong during the time we were there.  Then we had another lesson there later that week and taught about the lesson, and that also went really well.  The man seems the most connected to what we were teaching, but the woman did, too.  That was all pretty epic.  In addition to this, we had one of our investigators that we've been working with for a long time (since I was with Elder Frahm) come to church with all her kids.  Her husband had to work this week, but plans on coming next week.  She had a great expereince there, and it turns out she's related to some members and even knows the branch president, but somehow had no idea of their involvement in the church.  So that ended up being fantastic fellowshipping while she was there. 

That's all I've got time for right now, but I'm ready for another great week.  Thanks for all of your love, whether it's sent through mail or prayers or emails, and I hope you have a fantastic week along with me (I already know it will be ;) ) .  Love you lots!

Elder Brown

Here's a picture with Elder Allen before he and Sister Allen left.  Elder Moreira (my new companion) is the guy next to me.  (Elders Frahm, Williams, Allen, Moreira and Brown)

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