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Monday, August 11, 2014

A Fantastic, Dead Beat Tired Week

Hi mom and dad :) .  Thanks for the pictures, I can't believe how much my little sisters are growing up.  Yes, my release date is June 25.  It is early, but it's because we came into the field mid-transfer, and so we either go home a month earlier than we entered the MTC or two weeks later, which would mean missing the deadline for school and losing all scholarships.  Obviously that wouldn't be good.  I love that the Whites met the Allens--and in Paris of all places! 

(the White's are from our ward and the Allen's have just left Sheffield where they were serving as senior missionaries.  They ran into each other on the way to church in Paris and made the "Brown" connection)

I'm working on a letter, but I can't promise it'll be overly soon.  I'll do my best.
This week has been absolutely fantastic.  We have had loads of miracles and cool experiences, and I am so excited for the week coming up.  First off, there was a huge miracle with a family we were tecaching in Darnall that moved.  We lost contact with them, so on Sunday (not this week, but last week) we were fasting for them to come to church, since they had the address.  They didn't come to church, but on Thursday night I got a phone call from a number I didn't recognize, and it turned out to be them!  They only had our phone number because I'd randomly decided to write it on the paper with the church address, but when they moved they actually lost the paper.  The mother of the family spent all day Thursday looking for it, and ended up finally finding it and calling us.  They'd moved pretty far away, but we made the trip to get there and see them, not wanting to give anything up just becuase of distance.  Turns out, the area they'd moved to (Gleadless) is an isolated area of council housing with multiple Slovak and Czech families living in it.  Because of the odd location, none of our missionaries had ever been there (at least, not the Slovak-speaking ones), nor are any other churches involved there whatsoever.  In other words, it's a totally fresh area with people ready to accept the gospel.  Our lesson at our investigators' house went very well, us finding another person who's living with them and teaching him as well.  After we finished, the mother gave us 3 specific referrals to some nearby families and another complex to try on top of that.  Needless to say, we're really excited for that and are going back tomorrow to give it a go.  Along with that, we've found a couple new homes to teach in, one fairly close to our flat and the other in the Manor area.  The guy near our flat is super great and is very receptive to what we teach.  Elder Moreira and I are quite optimistic for this transfer, and despite being dead-beat tired every day this week (and sometimes without meals), we've done a ton of good work, and it's all worth it.

Have an awesome week, I can't wait to hear from you :) .  Thanks for the letters and such--I'm so pumped to hear about Micaiah.  Make sure you get me her mailing information when she leaves.  Love you lots!

Elder Brown

Me and Elder Moreira being Mafia.  There's enough of it around, so we may as well fit in, right?

Some VERY interesting-looking food.  I'll let you guess what the purple stuff was.

Finally is some dessert we ate that was pretty good.

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