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England Leeds Mission
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Successful and Exhausting

Hi mom and dad :) .  I'm glad to have your email and picture.  It's good to see my parents.  By the way mom, I've showed your picture from when you met the Williams family to some Slovaks, and all the women say you're very pretty.  Just so you know ;) .  You're right about having a lot to handle these last couple weeks, and I've for sure had to stretch and grow to maintain all the many things I have to balance.  I've made it, though, and we've had a pretty successful week, if absolutuely exhausting.  Success comes at a price, I suppose.

We've seen a multitude of miracles this week in connection to a great deal of effort and trying really, really hard to come up with new sources of people to teach.  God's blessed us with two people scheduled for baptism, both of which I've been working with for a very long time.  Only one of them made it to church (N), but she thoroughly enjoyed it and told her family she'd be coming continuously from now on (her parents and brother-in-law are members).  She understands things really well, and our lessons there have been awesome every time lately.  When you come to pick me up you'll have to meet her baby daughter--it's the cutest little girl I've ever met.  She always wants to shake my hand, even though she's only a year old.  Just me looking at her makes her happy ha.  Gotta love that!  Also, we were able to go to Doncaster like we planned, and we've got about 15 potential homes to be teaching in.  So far we've only had one lesson, but it was with a guy who's really epic.  He's extremely well-studied in relation to the scriptures, and was telling us about how people misunderstand the Godhead all the time because of a few scriptures in the Bible.  Then he explained to us how those verses support what we believe.  Plus, he's already read the Book of Mormon, which was given to him by a friend, though this guy's never met with missionaries before, and he likes it.  How's that for a person prepared to meet us?  There are a whole bunch of other people there who are totally ready to be hearing from missionaries that are now potentials (some of whom we'll hopefully be teaching today), and we've only barely scratched the surface of one of three areas with many, many Slovaks in Doncaster.  If things really pick up and go well with this, they'll need to get another Slovak-speaking team in the mission and put them in Doncaster.  The biggest obstacle for us was travel there, but we've got bus passes now that work on trains, too, so travel's a lot faster that way.  We've also found some new people in Darnall who we had a good lesson with in spite of the time ban in place (Nadia also lives in Darnall).  So, though we're very tired and probably could have used an extra P-day to recover, we've got good things happening all over the place.  I think God used the time ban (which has been somewhat lifted now) to help us find an area we wouldn't have ever gone to without being absolutely desperate.  Which we were.   It's exceedingly difficult and draining knocking totally English neighborhoods just to try and find a single isolated Slovak family that probably doesn't even exist for hours on end.  That's what we were doing before we tried Doncaster.  Anyhow, God got us there, and I think we'll see some good things come of it.  We're praying very hard and doing our best every day, and those labors of faith are definitely seen and aided by our Father in Heaven.  Thank you so much for your prayers, they're absolutely priceless.  Also, thank you for your weekly letters.  They are truly bright spots in my week.  I've got to go, but remember I love you very much.  You are always in my prayers.

Elder Zachary Brown

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