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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Teaching and Inviting

 Hi mom and dad :) .I'm glad of the good news this week.  There've been a bunch of people praying for Jaalah (missionaries, investigators, and members alike).  You didn't get an email Monday because it was transfers again, and as you know, Elder Misselwitz is now going home.  My new companion will be Elder Moreira, who's Portugese and a pretty cool guy.  He's English-speaking like Elder Misselwitz, but I suppose that's likely to be the norm for me now.  I'm glad you could get together with the Williams family--it was my idea to have that happen, working through Sister Allen.  You're right, you do look oddly the same.  Maybe we're distantly related.  Hooray for a new cousin!  That's exciting.

I wanted to share two miracles from this week that I'm really happy about.  The first was in a lesson we had with M.  We went through the message of the Restoration again because he had a lot of questions concerning it.  We emphasized the need there is to read the Book of Mormon through and ask God in prayer if it's true.  He understands quite clearly the importance of it now, and he told us that he would read it through and if he got an answer, he'd call us and get baptized.  We haven't got a call yet, so we're praying really hard for the biggest miracle with him so far--an answer from God about the truth of our message.  He's serious about reading, though, and I was really impressed by the determination he had to read it.

The second miracle happened just yesterday in a lesson with a new couple we had our first lesson with a couple weeks ago.  Since then it's been really difficult to get ahold of them, but finally we did.  The lesson went really well (the Restoration again), and at the end I invited the husband to be baptized (the wife had left a few moments before to go mind the children outside).  The conclusion he came to after a question leading to a review of priesthood authority was that he would discuss it with his wife.  He had a really positive demeanor about him as he pondered the invitation, though, and what happened later leads me to think the conversation he had with his wife was a good one.  As we were coming out from a different investigators' house and started up the long walk home, I said hello to a Slovak guy I dimly recognized from somewhere (at this point I've gotten good at talking to everyone who's Slovak, and sometimes I can't remember where I've met people before).  The man was really friendly and told me that as soon as he gets a house of his own we can come and start seeing him.  That took me aback slightly--things normally don't happen quite like that--and I asked where he was living right now.  Turns out he's living with the man we'd just spoken to about baptism.  This was long enough afterward that they'd certainly had time to talk, and I imagine this guy was listening to that conversation.  If he's responding in such a positive manner, I can assume with hope that the conversation went over very well.  I'm excited for our next appointment there, to say the least.

Those are the highlights from this week, and I'm glad to see you're all doing pretty well.  I love you very much, and seeing and hearing from you in emails and letters is really a joy.  You're the best family ever, what can I say?  Love you lots, remember that :) .

Elder Brown

Mission Wide Tour (Elder Brown is front row left)

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