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Monday, July 7, 2014

Surprising Miracles

Hello, my beloved parents :) .  It sounds like you've had and are having a crazy couple of weeks.  I can't say that mine have been so varied--I'm in one area all the time with no change in scenery ha.  I can't complain though, the people I work with make all the difference.  Thanks for the pictures, they're great :) .  It's good to see my family.

This week we had a couple of surprising miracles in lessons that we weren't exactly planning on having.  One was at R and D's house (some recent converts that I really love).  R's brother has been living with him for the past while, and before that was living in the area, so he was familiar with who the missionaries were and what they do.  However, he's never shown a lot of interest in all the things to do with religion.  I've always been really friendly to him though, talking to him on the street and such, just being a friend.  Well, when we came to R and D's and began talking with them, M (the brother) actually stayed and was listening.  Usually he would just leave before, but this time he was listening without any direct encouragement from us.  As we began to talk, we were able to touch on some points of the gospel that really connected well with him, mainly about how the gospel blesses families.  M also revealed that he has been occasionally reading the Book of Mormon (one of the copies R and D have in the house), despite only being able to read at a very basic level.  Later this week he was in a lesson with his twin brother, J (who is also a recent convert), and stayed for that.  He listened with interest to the message of the Restoration, leaving near the end to take a phone call.  I feel like God is working in him, bringing his heart nearer and nearer to where he needs to be.  These lessons were unplanned to happen with M, our plans being to teach the recent converts.  God, however, led all aspects of what happened, from inspiring our planning session the night before to making sure Milan was there when we came by.  Pretty cool, right?

Another lesson we had was with a Czech man who we've been teaching for a while (actually more his wife until recently).  In that lesson about baptism, he was inspired to ask a question about if a family member who had recently died still lived spiritually.  We were able to share with the him the joyous news that she indeed did, both of us bearing personal testimony of this truth.  Elder Misselwitz has lost his father while he's been out on a mission, and I have recently lost my grandma, so our words to him that this life is not the end and that we will see our loved ones again connected deeply.  I could see the relief and peace that this answer to his question from his heart brought, and I was able to see (like I am so often priviliged to see) that these truths about God and His ways bring joy to those without them.  Those moments in lessons where you see that are some of the absolute best ones.

Those are this week's highlights, and I know that as we continue to teach God's children, we will continue to lead them to further joy.  I love you very much and testify often to those we teach of the strength my family has given me.  There are many families who can't wait to meet you :) .

Love you much,
Elder Brown

Pancake Breakfast- Elder Brown and Elder Misselwitz with Elder Allen cooking

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