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Monday, July 21, 2014

Protected and Defended

Hello mom and dad :) .  Thank you for the package, I won't open it until the 31st (I'll try to pick it up by then).  (Editor's note:  Hump Day is July 31st!)

Thank you for telling me some of the details here about Jaalah.  That's better than having a very vague knowledge and waiting for days in worry for more information.  She was protected, of that I'm 100% sure, and my gratitude is boundless.  It's strange that this happened this week, because I was having some random worries at one point during the week about losing my family members while out here.  Please give her all the love and shelter you can.  I'll send my love in prayers.  Angels will hold her tonight.  (Editor's note:  Sister Jaalah was involved in a serious car accident this week.  She shouldn't be alive but she is and it IS a miracle.)

Now I don't know what to talk about...this miracle is clearly my greatest miracle: God has defended my sister this week.  Perhaps I can share a bit about how I defended my God.  We came to the home of a recent convert one evening this week, Saturday.  There we unexpectedly encountered several other people, including M, one of our investigators I've told you about before.  At the home were a couple of relatives, visiting from Slovakia.  When we walked into the room, M was actually reading the introduction of the Book of Mormon to them.  Upon seeing us, he introduced us in a very complimentary manner, emphasizing how good we were and how much we had sacrificed to come and serve God.  He told us to tell these two visitors about our message.  After a prayer, I shared the message of the Restoration, M and Z (the member) encouraging the other two to listen.  After I'd taught the lesson, one of the men began to speak.  It turns out he's some kind of pastor from a church in Slovakia, and he proceeded to bring up many concerns he had with our church by using verses from the Bible.  Well, it's not like I haven't encountered this before (a lot), so I wasn't especially bothered and was able to peaceably deflect every attempt to discredit our church with scriptural verses and personal testimony.  Elder Misselwitz told me afterward that every time I spoke during that lesson he felt the Spirit of God testifying of truth.  He wasn't alone.  M also leaned toward us in mannerism and words, and the non-member daughter of Z told me as we were headed out that I am wise, know what to say, and she's proud.  The pastor himself told me before we left that he'd found at least one thing out:  that I have a very good heart.  I love this work and the ability and responsibility I have to defend the faith God's way.  We support him, he supports us.

I love you ever so much.  I tell people how great you are all of the time.  Many people here already love you and they haven't even met you, looking forward to the day when they do.  They often ask me when you are coming.  Thank you for your love.  It's a treasure of the greatest worth.  Write you next week!

Elder Brown

Me with a couple of ladies we often interact with who like me a lot.

Little D, eating his bowl of gulaš.

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