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Monday, March 10, 2014

The Work in Darnell and a Baptism

Čau, matka a patka!  Thanks for the forward on the blog post, first of all.  That was really nice of that woman to say, and it makes me feel good to know that I can even make a difference somewhere by what I'm writing home.  I'm excited to get your letters, and I've been working on another one to send home to you.

This week has been filled with help from heaven at every turn.  As we've been on foot now, we've had the chance to talk to many of the Slovak people on the street.  God has put in our path a great many people who are ready and willing to hear the message of the gospel, and I'm really excited about it.  I wasn't sure in the beginning if we were going to be able to find a lot of people to teach in the Darnall area because the missionaries started out here working with Slovaks, but I've been shown that there's quite a lot to do still in this area.

This Friday D was baptized!  Don't kill me, but I forgot my memory card to email, so I'll send you the picture next week.  It was a great experience for everyone there, but most importantly D.  She was so happy afterward, and then on Sunday when she was confirmed she was even happier.  She's the shyest, humblest girl you've ever met, but she expressed very quietly how she felt about it, and it brought the Spirit's testimony of the truth of her words to my heart.

Another of the miracles I've seen was with who came to church this and last week.  P, the one baptized a couple months ago, has a bunch of sons, and they've never wanted to come to church.  After a while, we found out it was becuase they thought that everyone at church was just older people, no youth their age.  We let them know that there were indeed youth who came as well, and then we brought one of the member youth with us in a later lesson.  They still didn't come for a while, so we just kept encouraging them to come.  Last week they finally came to church (and also brought a friend), and the week they chose to come ended up being one where nearly all of the member youth were there.  It made for a great experience, and they all really enjoyed it.  This week they all came again, and once again everyone was there.  They all are pretty set on coming to church now, because the youth there have made great friends for them, and it also is encouraging all the other youth to be there, too.  It's so great to see, because we've been trying for so long to get them to come, and they finally did and it confirmed what we'd told them would be there.  Also, one of our new families that we've been teaching came this week and last week as well, and have some strong desires to be baptized.  They have a lot of faith, and even though things are really hard for them financially right now, they still hold their firm belief in God, and they know that he can help them.  I love going to these families' homes because the Spirit is so strong there, and it just makes everyone's day better.

That's all time allows for this week, but I feel like it's a pretty amazing bit anyway.  I can't wait to see what this new week brings, because I know there'll be miracles there.  I love you all so much, and I hope you have a miraculous week, too :) .  Don't doubt it, because you can!  I'm excited to read your letters when they come, mine will be on the way soon.

Love you!
Elder Zachary Brown

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