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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This Week's Email

Hello mom and dad!  Merry Christmas and Boxing Day, and a Happy New Year on top of it all :) . 

This week I found something interesting about something I ate a couple weeks ago.  At an investigators house, they gave us some really tasty beef that I enjoyed a lot.  Afterward when I mentioned it to my companion, he said they had told him it was pork.  I told him that there was no way, because it had the texture and taste of beef 100% .  I found out yesterday that it was actually horse meat, and they were just too embarrassed to tell us, but still wanted to give us something.  I actually liked it, but I'm sure both of my sisters will be horrified that I ate horse.

As usual, God has blessed us, his servants, with some great miracles.  The first is that our investigators in Rotherham, F and A, finally received their passports and other ID back from the government after eight months of waiting!  This means that they can finally get married, and then be baptized as well.  They're already as good as members, doing everything they need to do, so we're excited for them.  It'll still be a while before they're baptized because the marriage process takes a bit of time, but things have finally lined up for them.

Another of our investigators, A, has been working on giving up coffee for the last couple months, slowly drinking less and less every day.  Two days ago, she gave it up completely, showing great faith and amazing progress.  She will be getting baptized very soon, hopefully in the beginning of January.

Overall it's been a fantastic week, and we're very excited about the miracles we've seen.  Christmas was great, and the goals our branch and mission have set for the new year set our sights high.  We're optimistic, and have faith that the Lord will provide us with what we need to meet our goals.

It was great talking to you all on Skype--I loved seeing your faces and hearing your voices.  Next time it'll be Mother's Day :) .  Love you lots, and I'm excited for your letters. 

Elder Zachary Brown

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