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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Love and Joy

This week has brought miracles just like every other--it seems to be part of being a missionary for doing God's work.  The first I'd like to mention is of both of the families that we are teaching in Rotherham.  First, we went over to one of their houses to teach them about fasting.  We start talking about it and ask if they'd already heard about it before, and surprisingly they had.  Then they explain to us pretty much every aspect that we normally teach before we even tell them about it.  It was a pretty easy lesson, that one, and they were completely willing to fast on Sunday.  How much better does it get?  Then we head over to their neighbor's house, and follow up on their Book of Mormon reading, expecting that they've read, but expecting it not to be a whole lot.  Turns out, in the week since we've seen them, they've read from the introduction page all the way through Jacob 2!  That's over 105 pages!  Even better, they understood and remembered what they read, and were telling us what they thought certain symbolisms meant, and were 100% correct.  For example, they were telling us how they had the overwhelming feeling as they read Lehi's dream that the Tree of Life just had to represent Christ.  We've only had three lessons with them total.  Amazing?  I think so.

The man we baptized last week (Miroslav) went teaching with us this week.  He's a really smart guy, and we'd had a lot of success teaching him.  He remembers everything we teach, and is always sharing what he understands from his scripture reading, which is a lot.  When we take recent converts to teach, they usually contribute a lot to the lessons, because they have really great testimonies, and also are able to answer questions well.  When we asked Miroslav a question, he didn't just answer it.  He taught part of the lesson to the people, explaining concepts that are right out of Preach my Gospel (which he's never read, and I doubt he even knows it exists) .  Really, it's impossible to ask for anything more.  We recommended to the ward council that he recieves some kind of calling where he can teach, because he's already great at it, and could become truly amazing if he were given the oppurtunity to grow.  We're excited to have him as our newest member of the branch.

 That's all there's time for this week, and I'm glad to report a very good one.  I love the people, and I love the work.  You're an amazing family, and you are an immeasurably valuable treasure in my life.  Irreplaceable and utterly lovable.  Until next week!

With joy and love,
Elder Brown

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