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Monday, December 23, 2013

The Email Before Christmas!

Hello mom and dad :) .  Sorry that last week's email was cut so short.  The librarian made me get off a few minutes early, and that's when the most of my organization happens.  Hopefully it doesn't happen again.  First off, I'll be Skyping with you!  Just be ready a little beforehand, and don't freak out if it's not exactly on the hour ;) .  I'll be doing it from the Allen's home, and I'll have an hour to speak with you.  I got a package this week from aunt Elaine, so if you could thank her for me that would be great.  Also, I got many cards from ward members, I'll make a list and let you know who to thank when we talk or when I email next.

This week has been brought many miracles and happy things.  First off...J got baptized!!!  Hooray!  I'm so happy for him, he's really come so far, and I've seen a lot of happiness enter his life thanks to the changes he's made.  His confirmation in church on Sunday was also powerfully spiritual.  He's quiet and shy, but the Spirit is in him, and he's truly a great person.

We also had another miracle yesterday with a man named T.  He's somehow related to J (I'm not sure how yet), and he's investigated the church on and off in the past.  He's been taught all the lessons, but never was able to be baptized because he struggled to make the changes in his life that he needed to.  Then yesterday we went to J's house, intending to have a lesson with him, and T was there (he lives with them), and we ended up teaching him.  He told us early on in the lesson that he wants to be baptized next Saturday, and explained that for the past couple months he's been changing how he's been living so that he can be baptized.  All that time that he was making those changes, the missionaries had no idea, and weren't even teaching him.  Instead, it was the members who were giving the support, helping him a great deal to turn his life around.  We had a couple options that night before we decided to see J, but we felt like it would be a good idea to go there.  Turns out it was :) .  We let T know that he needed to come to church for the next couple weeks before being baptized, and he readily agreed, happy to do whatever he needs to.  This miracle shows how powerful of an effect the members can have in a person's life, how they can affect a person more than even the missionaries sometimes.

Love you lots, I've got to get going now, but I'll talk to you very soon.  See you in a bit!
Elder Brown

J's Baptism

Here's another picture of something I ate this week. It's called halusky (there's supposed to be an accent over the s), and it was pretty good. It's the national dish of Slovakia.

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