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Monday, July 6, 2015

I Feel Happy, Happy All the Time

Hello, mom and dad!  

That is good news about the Regent Scholarship, I'm glad that's all worked out.  I feel like I'll be able to apply myself a lot better to my schooling now than I was prepared to do before I left on my mission, so it's good that things have worked out all right for my scholarships, too. 

We've had some interesting changes this week, one being that E. Rogers is now serving in a different ward because a missionary from there unexpectedly went home and they needed someone to pop in and cover for him.  E. Rogers was in a trio and close to the area, so he was the obvious choice to move in there.  That happened the day before MLC, so the zone leaders took the guy going home to Leeds, then just stayed the night there to avoid unnecessary travel.  This left me and E. Frahm out in cold as to having transportation to the meeting early in the morning, and it looked for a minute like we wouldn't be able to make it.  Bro. Stanton saved the day by offering to drive us all the way to Leeds early in the morning, which was quite the sacrifice of time, sleep, and petrol (which is much more expensive here than in the States).  What a champion.  The meeting was super good, and I think E. Frahm gained a lot from it as well.  He's doing a great job with district leadership.

We had M and V come to church this week together with their kids, and that was fantastic.  They all enjoyed it a lot, and I feel they'll be attending as regularly as they can.  We've had a couple great lessons there throughout the week as well, to both of which we had the great blessing of having members there to support.  Bro. and Sis. Crowley came the first time, and they connected easily with the couple in spite of the language barrier.  V was already friends with Sis. Crowley from Relief Society, and M had the chance to meet Bro. Crowley, who he seemed to really respect.  Then Z and A came with us later in the week, and that went great as well.  I think it's what helped M the most in finally coming to church as well, because he was comfortable in knowing he would have friends there at church.  M and V are also making plans to get things rolling with their marriage, so though I won't be here to see it, I'm very happy for them and the progress they're making.

You asked how I'm feeling...I'm feeling torn to be leaving all of this.  I love church on Sunday here so much.  There is the most special spirit here with people whose fires of the Spirit are newly lit and growing rapidly.  They value the sacrament so much, and the reverence is unbeatable.  I love the kids running up to shake my hand in their homes, on the streets, at church, wherever, calling "Starsi Brown, Starsi Brown!"  Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to be with you, my family, again.  It's just going to be very hard for me not to be involved every day in strengthening the faith of these people who I love so much and have served my entire two years.  In many ways, I don't want to leave.  Home is where the heart is, and so much of my heart is here, woven into the lives of these people.  How do I feel?  Joyful for these people and their progress.  I feel inclined to do as much as I possibly can with what yet remains.  I feel glad to have a family that loves me to return to, otherwise I would have no reason to even go back.  I feel happy, happy all the time because I've learned how to be truly happy out here.  It's one of the most valuable things I'll be taking home with me.  It's my hope I can take that and share as much of it as I can with you and everyone else I can.  

You're the best, and I love you so much.  

Talk to you soon,
Starsi Brown

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