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Monday, July 13, 2015

Goodbyes and Pictures

Zdravim vas,  rodicia moji :) . 

I've had to say goodbye to some members of my Slovak family here this week, which was sad.  Many people are leaving to Slovakia over the next couple weeks to go visit during the holidays.  O and D left, as did V (the elder's quorum president).  More families are headed out this Saturday, like Z and A, and also the P's from Doncaster.  E. Frahm's going to be walking around a ghost town as far as Slovaks are concerned once I leave.

This week has been good, but we haven't had a ton of people coming to church in the last while as far as investigators go.  Some people are being lazy and need to get motivated.  We did have a good miracle while we were in Doncaster to see the P's for probably what was the last time.  P was across the street outside talking to another man when we started heading down the street, and invited him to come in and listen to what we had to say.  He came in, and he actually enjoyed what we were able to teach him a lot.  However, right at the end when we were introducing the Book of Mormon and were about to give it to him, his wife started yelling at him from outside so he ran out the door and didn't come back.  We left a Book of Mormon with P to give him, and P said he'd try and bring him to church as well.  The guy didn't make it to church, but it was still a good experience.  P's great about inviting all of his friends to listen to us.

Sorry about the shorter email this week--I had a lot to write to President today, so hopefully the pictures make up for it.  They speak 1000 words each, right?

Love you lots, I'll speak to you soon ;)

Starsi Brown

Me with V (the Elder's quorum president), M (the relief society president), and some of their family

A sister missionary named Sis. Chee came up to me and gave me a note from my Aunt Elaine, who is from the ward she gave her farewell talk in (American Fork), so we got a picture.

The third picture is me with O and D's grandchildren

O and D and I

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