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Monday, June 29, 2015

A Good Week for the Most Senior Missionary

The trio is going great, we're doing fine with it.  It's funny because when E. Frahm first came in, we were in a trio for a couple weeks as well (just with E. Sindylek, not E. Rogers).  I wish I could hear E. Williams' homecoming talk; he's guaranteed to make you laugh.  Enjoy it, because you'll not hear anything like it from anyone but him.  I've already seen him for the last time before he leaves; we both attended the transfer meeting this week to bear our departing testimonies because we're both leaving before the next transfer meeting.  It was strange watching all these other guys get up to give theirs, guys I've known my whole mission, knowing they'd be home by the end of the next day while I'd still be here.  You might remember E. Baird, who served with me as zone leader, and also E. Jaeger and McKeon who were in the same flat as me for a while.  All home now.  E. Crabb left last transfer.  Once E. Williams goes this week, I'll be the most senior missionary in the mission.  

This week has been a good one, and our biggest miracle for sure was that we were able to schedule M, the father of the family I told you about last week, for baptism.  If things work out, he'll hopefully be able to make his goal while I'm still here and I'd be very happy to make it to that.

This week will be quite a busy one with some meetings going off like MLC.  President wants me to attend this one despite my reassignment out of district leadership, so I'll be going up with E. Frahm for my very last one.

Church was great on Sunday, and a couple we're teaching named J and Z are doing fantastic.  They're very excited to join the church and have been asking our branch president about when they can get married.  It was one of the ones we were working on in the past, but they moved house and such, which threw off the plans we'd set, but now they're all settled in and it seems like we should be able to get things arranged soon here.  I'm afraid they'll end up married and baptized after I've left, however, because of a requirement in England to wait a month following their interview at the registrar's office before they can be married.  Still, I'll be happy to get the news when it comes.

V was also at church again with her daughter L, and they're both making friends and enjoying things.  I'm happy for them as well.

The members of our branch who're the family of the man who died in Slovakia were at church this week, and they all seem to be doing better as time goes on.  I think church helped them a lot, and also some visits we made to let them know they're loved and we are praying for them and have been even while they've been away.
I'll talk to you next week, but good luck with everything this week :) .  I love you lots!

Elder Brown

Me with E. Jaeger, Williams, and Frahm

Me with E. Wilkes (he went home with the transfer and I've known him since the beginning because we'd play basketball on p-days)

Me with E. White (he served in the branch for a couple transfers with E. Williams).

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