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Monday, June 1, 2015

A Birthday, Church and Continuing Work

Hey mommy and daddy!  (cue flashback to many years ago when I used to maybe call you that, even if I can't really remember)  

I'm glad you liked the pictures, I love your pictures and emails, too.  Thanks for keeping me up to date on the goings-on of Jaalah and Tamsyn.  I'm always a bit surprised to see how much they've changed since I've been around.  Sometimes in my head, the only thing that's changed all this time is me, and when I get home things will quit being on pause.  I know that's not how it is, but sometimes that's how out of touch I am with what's going on.  Thanks for saving that one ding-dong. (Editorial note:  Zach celebrated his 20th birthday last week and we sent him a box full of "20's".  That included 20 ding dongs, 20 candles, etc. He is referring here to my comment that his Dad tried to eat one of the ding dongs before I sent it.) I think dad just forgot that I don't need to pay tithing right now, and was trying to fulfill his calling as ward clerk (they say clark in England; weird, right?).  The package was great, and I really loved the things you'd written for me.  It's always interesting to see what qualities of yourself stand out to other people.  Sometimes they're not the ones that stand out to yourself.  Thanks for that :) .

Things went really well this week, and a couple people who'd accepted a baptismal date last week came to church with us on Sunday by bus and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Her name is V, and her daughter L and son R came, too.  They all connected with what was being talked about, and definitely felt the Spirit there.  V hasn't been in Darnall too long and doesn't have any family here, so she doesn't really know anybody here, and coming to church gave her the chance to get to know some new people.  She recognized our branch president's wife from the grocery store they both shop at, so that was great.  When I was off translating for something, she invited Sis. Crowley (one of the English women I'd asked to go sit by her) to come visit her sometime, speaking a little English.  Also at church was the mother of Z, our first branch missionary.  She wanted to see how our church was and though she's returning to Slovakia this week, she said she'll go home and praise this church to everyone.  That's how much she enjoyed it.  It's amazing what the Spirit can bring to people's hearts when they come ready to listen.

Some other fantastic things going on have to do with one of the less-active members we've been working with.  He's been less-active for about three years, and since then ran into a lot of challenges.  In the past couple weeks, though, he's began reading his Book of Mormon again, and quit drinking despite the poor influence of some of his friends. His determination is to the point of even leaving a house he was at where they wanted him to drink with them, which is quite a big step from typical culture.  I'm really proud of him, and he's planning on coming back to church soon, bringing one of his friends who's investigating.

That about sums up my week, I hope you have a great one as well :) .  I love you very, very much!

Elder Brown

So, Elder Rogers made me waffles with peaches and ice cream on top, my favorite birthday dish.  We hadn't noticed the candles in the birthday package I was sent yet, so he put a bunch of matches on top and this was the result.  It's a bit more like an inferno, but hey.

Me with a family going back to Slovakia soon. The kids will always run all the way down the street when they see me just to shake my hand. ha.

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