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Monday, April 20, 2015

Obstacles and Miracles

Čauky, mom and dad :) .  My week's been pretty crazy and we've been working hard with some unexpected obstacles facing members and investigators alike, but we've seen some good miracles despite this. 

 E. Pohorelicky is now back in Rotherham (serving with E. Fielding, an English speaker).  E. Bowen and Frahm are now together in the Firth Park area,  My new companion is named E. Stulen, who is from Norway and is a really chill guy.  I like him a lot; we already knew each other from a while ago when he was serving in this zone, and we get along great.  Thanks for the pictures, they're super good :) .  I'm glad to see your happy faces.  The flower picture looks professional.

There was supposed to be a baptism in the branch this week from Rotherham, but he had to be rescheduled because of a Word of Wisdom hiccup the day before his baptism.  However, his wife came to church for the first time on Sunday and told me afterwards that this is the true church, that in no other church is there what's here.  She's now scheduled for baptism with her husband, so that's super positive.  They're going to be trying to schedule their son for baptism as well, which would be fantastic.

As for me and E. Stulen, we had some disappointments this week as well, with M rescheduling herself for baptism next week and then not making it to her interview this weekend because of coffee in spite of E. Stulen and I fasting on the day she was having the hardest time with it.  Because of that her children didn't want to be baptized without her and we had to cancel all the interviews.  They'll all come around, it's just a matter of patience and continuing to help them overcome these challenges.  We have found some new people that we're excited to teach, which should be great.  Hopefully it will far outweigh the recent loss of several people who have stopped investigating for various reasons.  O and D are still on fire as far as missionary work is concerned, and they've laid the foundation for teaching some new people both in Firth Park and in Darnall.  Iv has been super good with it as well, actually getting an extended family member to take him to church by car along with another member and another investigator.  J and Z should have now received an e-mail concerning their appointment at the registrar, and so their marriage is in the works.  They were also at church on Sunday again, and seem to be enjoying it more and more every time.  P and T also have an appointment scheduled for the end of this month, so there are two marriages solidly in the works right now.  That's super exciting :) .  We reintroduced the third hour of Sunday meetings this week, which is fantastic news as well, and the temple prep classes for some of are key member couples are in various stages of completion.  This year we should have multiple couples attending the temple to be sealed as families forever, and they will be the absolute first ones from this branch ever to do so.  I dearly hope it happens before I leave, but there's a chance that I'll miss it by a couple of months.  I am excited for it, and I can see a bright future for these families if they keep going strong towards this goal.

I send you my love with the hope that things are going well at home :) .  I pray for you always, and think you are the best family ever!

Love you much,
Starší Brown

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