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Monday, April 27, 2015

Hard Work As Usual

Hi mom and dad :) .  I'm healthy, well, happy, and...safe...um...I've made it this long, so I should be fine ha.  

This week has been full of hard work as usual.  That's what keeps us happy, right?  We had some good miracles come from unexpected directions this week, which is always great.  For example, Elders Pohorelicky and Fielding had two couples move into Rotherham from the Birmingham mission that were referred to us that they can teach now.  They aren't married, unfortunately, but it's still a good miracle.  Our dedicated branch missionary, Z, has been at it with us, and ended up bringing quite an unexpected face with him to church.  It was one of his cousins who we had been to teach together when I was with E. Bowen, but they teaching hadn't continued beyond two lessons because they said they hadn't made their minds up about it and needed to decide still.  At the time I remember thinking that even though I may not be the one to continue teaching them, I felt they would eventually investigate and join the church.  The man of the couple (J) told Z he'd decided he wanted to come to our church, and came this week with Z and his family, so that was a super good miracle.  He enjoyed church and we'll be teaching them this week with Z in accompaniment.  We'd left them Czech Books of Mormon (they're a Czech family, so shout out to Starsi Bitner, my brother in the Czech Republic), and I think they've been reading them.

This week we've found a sizable number of new investigators to be teaching, but frustratingly none of them have been accepting the baptismal challenge, or they're not married yet and can't be scheduled at the moment for baptism.  On the bright side of things, A passed her baptismal interview this week (that was a miracle), and will be baptized this weekend with a couple from Rotherham (the husband was supposed to be baptized the other week but had to be rescheduled) I interviewed this week.  We're of course very excited for that.
That's the essence of my week. 

I hope your week goes well with everything; I love you very much and wish you loads of pleasant things!

Elder Brown

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