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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Funny Story and Some Unexpected Miracles

Hi mom and dad :) . 

 I did have a super good Easter with conference and all--it was great!  I didn't get to see all the sessions, unfortunately, just because of the time difference and us having normal Sunday meetings this week, but what I saw was great.  

The funny story I promised is pretty short, but here you have it:  on the bus back fro conference Saturday evening, a drunk guy got on and started talking to us.  He told us he wanted to share a song he'd written, and it goes like this:  "It's just like heaven" (repeated several times with irregular hand claps) "When we're together" (less often than the first line).  It was a two-note song as well, and I was a little bit tempted to ask if he'd written a guitar part to go along with it.  Ha.  

We had a super good Easter Sunday attendance at church this week (Elder Bowen and I ended up with 12 investigators there, which I think is our high together), and M was one of those!  She's doing super well and has cut down her coffee drinking down to part of one small cup a day.  She's got to stop by Wednesday, so Bro. Stanton gave her a blessing after having her and her daughters over for lunch (I sent you a picture of us outside his house).  She's going to give it her best, and I know she can do it.  We're praying hard.

Transfers were this week, so that means Elder Bowen will now be serving in Firth Park with Elder Williams, Elder Pohorelicky will be coming to serve with me in Darnall, Elder Frahm is staying in Rotherham and getting an English-speaker (Elder Fielding), and Elder White is leaving to Huddersfield.  It'll be a good transfer, I'm sure.  It'll be fun to have another Czech companion again.  I am still district leader, though with my impending death (so we call our release date), that may change next transfer.

We've had some recent and unexpected miracles in the Doncaster area--we've pretty much only been working with the member family there and the couple living with them that's getting ready to get married, but there have been two new households this week that have suddenly turned up.  We've scheduled one of the people we taught, and the other two were introduced to us at church by good old L, our 2nd counselor on the branch presidency.  He basically brought them to church and handed them to us, so we'll be seeing them this week and hopefully we can get things going there as well.

I've got to go, but I love you lots and pray for you constantly!

Starsi Brown

Fish pie from Bro. Stanton (so good!)

Me in my new suit

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