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Monday, March 2, 2015

Keep Praying- I Know It Works

Hey mom and dad :) .  I'm glad you liked the pictures, I've got a couple more for you this week.  I absolutely loved the Valentine's Day package--it was possibly my favorite yet because of the letters it included.  I also quite enjoyed the Twinkies, and I thought it was funny how you decorated them.  I was impressed that each one was unique--there's a subliminal message there that all missionaries are not the same, I think.  Elder Williams is working hard in the Firth Park area, and this week they had a baptism (I'll send the pictures).  The companionships all stayed the same.  My task is to prepare all the younger missionaries for mine and E. Williams' departure, which is quite a lot of work.  There are a lot of skills that need to be developed, so I'm spending a lot of time and effort working to train them on things they need now and will need even more later.  In your letter you asked me a bunch of questions about if I knew certain things, and the answer is yes to all of them.  That's a great credit to you, so well done ye good and faithful parents ;) .

This week was successful and had a lot of good things happening.  R, for example, passed his interview after attending L's baptism, and then was at church on Sunday.  He's involving a lot of the members in his baptismal program because he's friends with them, and it's even better because they are pretty shy, and it gives them a great opportunity to be a bit more involved.  He's having a great impact on a lot of nonmembers as well, who know him and respect his opinion.  To see him attending church at preparing for baptism is opening them up more towards us as well.  It's absolutely brilliant to see how one person's good choices affect so many others around him.

Tamsyn asked about M, which is a good point because I don't think I mentioned her for a couple weeks now.  She is trying really hard to quit drinking coffee, and she's slowly making progress on it.   It's very difficult for her, and she needs lots of support from God; your prayers will be priceless in helping her overcome this challenge.  She has a great heart and truly wants to enjoy the blessings that walking God's path brings, and she has not given up in spite of the war it is to conquer her struggles.  She reads the Book of Mormon regularly and is praying for support; our most recent lesson with her was based around the scripture story of Alma and Amulek breaking their bonds and the prison dividing in two after they had suffered long at the hands of evil people but hadn't given up on God.  We'll be having a family home evening at their house today with a few other member families coming to join us.

Speaking of joint Family Home Evenings, they've been a very successful thing we've been doing the last few weeks at different people's homes.  Last week was at P and M's, the week before at O and D's, and before them at F's.  We do our best to make them entertaining and spiritual, and they've so far been very much enjoyed by everyone involved.

This week will be fantastic as well, I'm certain, with the baptism of R and hopefully some new people being scheduled for baptism.  Keep praying for us, because I know it works.

Love you lots!
Elder Brown

 P.S.  Sorry this one's a bit shorter; I had a lot to report to President on this week.

Me with some of the kids at the baptism.  I love kids :) .  That's probably why they love me.

Elders Williams and White with the woman who was baptized

My revised version of my tabbed Book of Mormon--the organization of the tabbing is far improved because at this point I know what I use and need.  Also, it's now protected from experiencing the wear evident on my original by some good tape.  Also, I made use of a few of the little pictures you (mom) gave me in those attribute letters to add some aesthetically pleasing bits of personalization to it all.  The Slovaks love it, especially the kids.

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