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Monday, March 9, 2015

Hard Work, A Baptism and Amazing News

Hello mom and dad!  Things have gone exceptionally well in the branch this week, so that's made all the hard work we're putting in well worth it.  I've sent some more pictures since you miss my face so much.  Ha. 

Training people up in the district is going super well.  I've been really impressed by Elders Frahm and Pohorelicky, who took all the instruction and training and ideas for improvement and put them all into practice.  It showed great fruits with the way their week turned out, and I was really pleased by their efforts.  Elder Williams is killing it over in Firth Park as well.  E. Williams and White have another baptism coming up this week.

R's baptism went great in spite of loads of opposition from outside sources the whole time we were trying to keep it on track.  Loads of things just came pouring down that we had to deal with, and I'm grateful to say we were able to conquer it all.  He's got an amazing heart, R.  O and D were thrilled about it as well, now having their son join them in their path to God along with R's daughters (baptized with O and D).  They're all doing fantastic.

M surprised us with some amazing news this week; for two days straight she went without coffee this week, and though she's still drinking it, she's drinking less of it and as well less often.  She also said she's been in contact with her sister in Slovakia, who's planning to come and live in England in April.  This sister of hers was so impressed to hear that M (M's husband) was baptized that she said she would like to join our church as well.  I guess in Slovakia everyone had tried to convince M to attend church and so forth and he'd never had any interest at all, so to hear that he's completely turned that around is big news to her.  M's set a goal to be baptized with her sister in April, so she's got a day she's working for yet again.  Hooray!

 Church was fantastic--we had ten investigators there and nine less-actives, plus R received the gift of the Holy Ghost, so it was a good week.  The whole week is basically a build up to church, so it's always a relief to finally get there and sit down and know that I did everything I could to get as many people there as I could.  It's a good thing p-day is Monday to wind down a bit, because then it's go-go-go all over again.  Phew.  It's worth it, though.  For sure.

I love you all very much and I'm so grateful to know that our family can be together forever.  I think the separation from family for periods of time in this life teaches us just how valuable it is to know that we can all be together again.  I love knowing that what I'm doing here now is setting the way for these people to achieve these blessings as well.  That'll be joyful news to hear indeed.  Talk to you later!

Elder Brown

R's baptism

a doner kebab in nan bread if you ever wondered what they look like

Some of my favorite Slovak kids stole my camera the other day while I was translating for a Relief Society meeting and took some pictures.  I thought it was pretty funny, so I kept them and I thought you might like to see them

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