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Monday, February 9, 2015

Record Attendance and a Pretty Good Week

Hey mom and dad :) .  This week has been pretty good--plenty of meetings and other zone leader stuff, but MLC was super good.  Every time I go I'm amazed by how important things come up in the least planned of ways, brought about by the Spirit and people being willing to voice what they're prompted to share.  

This week's efforts were culminated and shown to be quite fruitful by our once again stunning attendance at church on Sunday.  Basically, we broke the record again (attendance was 69 this time), and this time with less English members/visitors and more Slovak people.  Elder Bowen and I had 10 investigators attend, as well as 5 less-actives, one of whom we're considering re-activated.  We had the most Slovak women at church at once than I've ever seen since being here, which was an absolute highlight.

O and D continue to be their amazing selves, being the driving force behind getting their son and his partner to church for the first time since I started teaching them with Elder Moreira (months ago).  They also loved our lesson about the temple, and plan to frame the picture we gave them of the Preston temple and have a goal to go there as soon as they can. 

M also loves the idea of being sealed to her family forever, and also has a picture of the temple to help her remember her baptismal goal and future goals as she strives to overcome coffee.  She's been working really hard at it and has progressed with it faster than we planned on her calender, and though she had a bit of a relapse Sunday, she's determined to get through strong.

We've had a lot of fun teaching the Word of Wisdom by playing a game with the families where they pick out little laminated pictures of various foods, etc., and have to decide whether to put them on the table or toss them into the trash.  That's brought a lot of success, and I've quite enjoyed playing it along with them.

L, one of our really good investigators that hasn't been able to be baptized or progress for a long time because of work commitments, came to church this week since he had a holiday.  He had a great experience, brought a bunch of family with him in his car, and agreed that evening when we taught him to try once again to get his work schedule changed to allow for Sundays off.  We'll be praying for him and Elder Bowen and I will also be fasting on the day he's planning on asking, and I know a miracle can happen here.

Lots of miracles are happening, and I think this week we'll see some new people accept baptismal dates and start progressing even more.  I'm excited for it, and I hope that you will continue to pray for these people--they need the help, and it'll be a great blessing to them.  Please pray for M and L in particular :) .

Love you lots, and I hope you have a fantastic week!
Elder Brown

Me and one of the district leaders I was with on exchange the other week--yup, it was snowing.  For like the 5th time.  This year's weather has been so weird.

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