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Monday, February 2, 2015

A Family of Baptisms

Hello mom and dad :) .  Driving's going fine (I'm still alive and haven't ran anything over yet, so don't worry).  Sleep...that would be nice haha.  Some nights get quite late, but that's ok.  I'm healthy and all and have mastered the technique of sleeping while driving.  Kidding, don't freak out!  And yes, I do sometimes eat food.  Thanks for the forwarded email, and I'll thank you in advance for what you've sent me in the mail--I'm excited to read it now.  

This week has been absolutely amazing!  O, D, A, and M were all baptized on Wednesday and received the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday.  The baptism was probably the best we've put together, us putting a lot more time and effort into the planning ahead of time and getting things organized.  There was a bunch of their family there as well, including people who have previously expressed to us that they're not interested, and everyone had a positive experience.  I personally baptized D and A, and gave M the gift of the Holy Ghost, which all were great privileges that I'm grateful for.  Our sacrament meeting attendance held strong at the high level it's climbed to, and we had a surprise attendance from a couple we haven't seen in ages (the wife is a member, the husband not).  I was of course curious as to why, and I found out that O is the cousin of the husband!  I don't think that's a coincidence.  Even better?  O bore his testimony both at his baptism and at sacrament meeting on Sunday.  Even more?  He and D were fasting for the first time, too.  F from Rotherham was also baptized, the son of a couple Elder Sindylek and I baptized about a year ago, which was lovely to see.  Elders Crabb  (my fellow zone leader) and Diaz also had a baptism in the English area over the weekend, making this week very good for the zone.  A miracle for them came at our baptismal service (which they came to with an investigator):  a less-active member of their ward was driving by the chapel at the time we were there for the baptism, saw people were there, and decided to come and see what was going on.  He ended up having a very good experience there and felt the spirit during the meeting, so that was a great unexpected miracle.

This week should be pretty good with another Mission Leadership Council coming up, along with whatever miracles God chooses to send our way.  We'll be continuing to work hard and help people prepare for baptism.  Someone to pray for is M, who is trying to quit drinking coffee and will be working towards a date at the end of this month.  She can really make it if she can just overcome this last hurdle, so keep her in mind.  Also pray for O and his family to have missionary opportunities, because we'll be teaching them about how they can do missionary work, and they can truly have a massive impact among their friends and family.

I reciprocate all the love you send with my own, and pray for you all the time.  I hope you have an amazing week as well!

Elder Brown

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