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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Super Good Week

Hi mom and dad :) .  

I haven't got the Valentine's day package, but that's because it's been sitting in the post office for a couple days.  I'll go pick it up today.  No worries, it doesn't make a ton of difference when Valentine's Day falls--it's not like I get to celebrate the typical spirit of the holiday in earnest anyway.  Just in the truer sense of love that the world usually misses--charity, serving other people.  In Slovak, "charity" translates as "true love".  Fun fact :) .  Congrats on the game wins, mom.  Enjoy it while you can, because eventually the game guru (me) will return and assume his rightful place at the head of the point board.  Ha.  Thank you so much for praying for people, you're awesome!

This week has been super good, and we've definitely seen some impressive miracles.  One happened just a couple days ago, and is much more of a literal miracle.  We went to our branch president's house on Saturday, who was in a ton of pain.  He has had hemorrhoids for multiple years, and when we went by, he couldn't sit down because of the pain and had to pace like a cripple as we taught his wife, unable to pay attention.  We offered to give him a blessing, which he accepted, and we left shortly after.  On Sunday he came up to me and thanked me for the blessing, which I said was no problem.  He replied that he was serious, and that only a half an hour after we left, all his pain was gone and he was perfectly fine.  He then started to relate the story to everyone in the hallway, and Milan remembered his own similar miracle healing from a couple months ago from a blessing Elder Vogli and I gave him.  To be honest, before coming out here and being a direct part of these things I'd never seen anything like this, and hadn't paid much attention to the knowledge that such things are going on in the church.  The faith of these people must be massive.

A couple other cool things is that both O and I are due to give talks in church in the coming month, which is exciting for them.  I, M, and F all received the priesthood this Sunday as well, which is fantastic news.  D contributed to a superb lesson with the women at church, headed by A.  Our investigator, Z, has made some surprising progress over the last month or so.  Missionaries have been teaching in her home for years now (her parents and husband are members, and her siblings are L and N, (names you'll recognize), but she has kept herself quite distanced.  She's been to church the last two weeks in a row, though.  She's never attended church before this except for Christmas of this recent year.  The Primary Program that week really touched her, and I think it helped give her the desire to come later.  She's never been willing in the past to read the Book of Mormon, but she's actually committed to do so now.  It's honestly stunning, because I've been able to see the long and slow process leading to this seemingly sudden shift.  Church really makes all the difference.

Speaking of church, Ludo didn't make it, but his boss said he'd need to think about letting him change his shift, so we're still praying for him there.  M is working hard against coffee, but she's finding it very difficult to kick it.  We're going to be getting a few members involved in teaching this week who'll be great supports for her because they themselves conquered the same addiction.  Keep them in your prayers, and I know things will turn out well in the end.

I've got to go, but I love you lots!
Elder Brown

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