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Monday, April 14, 2014

Service Matters

Hey mom and dad :) .  You know, I'm glad you like the hat...I'll probably wear it when I get home sometimes.  The Slovaks all think I look "frajer" in it, which literally translates to a "dandy" or "ladies' man" haha.  One of the Relief Society sisters told me I look like a model.  I think I'll keep it.  I'm sorry about Tamsyn being sick :( .  I hope she gets better soon, and I'll remember that specific part in my prayers.  I sent her an email to let her know it's ok that she didn't get to email me.  

Thanks for taking care of my personal funds, I really appreciate that.  My instructor actually went into prostate surgery this week, so I've only had two lessons so far and I'm not sure when I will have another one.  It depends on his recovery time.  As for a test, I don't have to take one until my Amercian license loses it's validity here in October, so not for a while and nothing's scheduled.  I can legally drive here without any lessons right now, but it's just a mission rule that I have to take lessons first, and I'm glad for it.

We've had some amazing miracles this week, but I wanted to share one that's been a wonderful thing to be a part of.  On Tuesday we ended up going to help one of our new investigators with some translation to work things out in City Center with his Tax Credit stuff.  Apparently someone had his information and had been stealing money from his account, so we went with him to help translate to get his information changed.  Some miracles happened during that which I don't have time to write about here, but the result was that D (a common name, don't get him confused with the others, he's new) and his wife both were firmly set on coming to church and also getting baptised.  Come Sunday, we walk with them and their kids to church, which happens to be General Conference Sunday for us (we have to just choose a few select talks from the week before and show their Czech or Slovak translation the next week).  On the way there, I spoke to D and Elder Frahm spoke to his wife.  Afterwards Elder Frahm told me that she was saying that people had told them all this bad stuff about us, but after having us help them so much and listening to the things we teach, she knew that it wasn't really true.  They really enjoyed listening to General Conference and the talks given there, and afterwards they spoke to the branch president.  After talking to him a bit, they ended up finding out that they needed to get married before they got baptized, so they came up to me and told me that they wanted to get married.  Obviously I was quite surprised as this kind of came from out of nowhere, but I happily told them that we could help them with that.  After all, we've done it once already.  It looks like we'll be having a wedding in the next couple of months followed by a baptism!  It's an exciting thing, and it strengthened my testimony even more about the power that service has to help bring people closer to God.  

That's all I have time to tell you about this week, but I'll write more of the miracles in my letter home.  It's like 62% done now.  I hope you have an awesome week :) .

Love you all lots!
Elder Brown

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