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Monday, April 28, 2014

A Stream of Amazing Miracles

Ahoj, rodiča moja!  

Thanks for the counsel, it's some that I've already been following.  Don't worry :) .  The best thing you can do for the people here is to keep praying for them and to keep supporting me.  It very directly impacts their lives, and both they and I are thankful for that.  Many of them are excited for when you all come to pick me up, and many of them want us to visit them.  We'll have to make sure to plan time for that.  I do have an English hymbook, it's the small pocket one that I keep with my scriptures.  I'll give that hymn a read (#266 The Time is Far Spent) and I'll probably have the district sing it in district meeting ;) .  It's unfortunately not in Slovak--our hymn selection is quite limited.  I've sent you some pictures, hopefully you like them.

This week we had a stream of amazing miracles one right after the other.  It started out with an amazing lesson we had with a member of the stake presidency who wanted to meet with the family I told you about last week.  He'd had a prompting the night before and had contacted us if we could go with him there the next day at a specific time, so we changed our plans around to accomodate that.  Well, at the end of the visit he asked the wife when her baptismal date was, not knowing that for the whole time we've been teaching her that she's been very reluctant to commit.  She responded in a way that totally surprised me--she said, "Whenever Elder Brown tells me I can be.  He can tell me tomorrow when he comes."  The next day we come back and I tell her that she's been prepared for baptism basically since we met her, and that next week she can be baptized if she would like.  She accepted the date of the 3rd of May and passed her interview that same night we scheduled the baptism.  Her neighbor of a few doors up the street got baptized the following day (the 25th), and that whole baptism was an absolute miracle.  His name is M, 15 years old, full of God's light, and the son of V, who was baptized a few weeks ago.  He has taken his baptism so seriously the whole time we've taught him and was quite prepared for it.  The light shining off of him when he told me thank you after I baptized him was almost tangible.  I feel quite strongly that he will serve a mission in a few years here.  While I was getting changed out of my wet clothes there was a brief testimony meeting, during which one of our investigators got up and bore her testimony.  She's 18 and her parents are both recent converts as well as her younger siblings, but she hadn't shown a lot of interest until recently.  Apparently in her testimony she said that she knew the reason why her parents had come here to England was to find the true gospel and that she actually felt things in this church, whereas her previous church had never brought about any feelings within her.  On the car ride home after M's baptismal service, another of our investigators who's the 17-year-old son of the woman getting baptized this week told us that he wants to be baptized as well after having seen what it's like.  He hadn't been to church yet, so his baptism will be a little later, but he walked to church this week with us and had a good experience.  Not only all of this, but M's father has also told us that he's made the decision to be baptized, and has been cutting down his smoking quite a lot to the point where he's almost quit.  We've set a date for him to work toward for baptism, and he's the type who's quite motivated to reach his goals.

Time to go, but I love you very much and I hope you have an awesome week! 

Love you much,
Elder Brown

M's baptism 

Elder Brown looking so happy with those Slovak boys!

Some food I ate that was interesting.  It was like ham with cheese and peaches and some rice on the side.

A picture that makes Elder Frahm look very, very small. Haha.

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