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England Leeds Mission
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New Things Rolling

Hi mom and dad, 

So this week has been pretty good, and we've been able to get some new things rolling.  D is doing fantastic--she passed her interview Saturday with ease and an impressive understanding of what we've taught.  Hopefully her father M will be baptizing her if we can help him overcome his shyness in front of people.  There's more good news concerning M, and F as well; they've both been called as branch missionaries, so that will be brilliant.  It'll be an excellent opportunity for them to learn and grow, and they are both excited and willing to serve in their new calling.  

At one of our member's homes, S, we ended up finding a potentially very good influence to help his family start being more interested in the church.  His granddaughter, D, has recently turned eight, and expressed a desire to be baptized.  She's always been in the lessons there when we teach her grandpa, so she knows what she's talking about when she makes a statement like that.  We said we needed to get permission from her parents, and I was a bit doubtful on that to be honest.  They are a younger couple who have sort of investigated in the past, but have been on the lazy side of things with continuing to learn or keep commitments.  Well, when we talked to D's mother about it, she actually said that it would be ok to teach the daughter, and I said we'd need her help in explaining things and teaching her.  S could do this too, but I wanted to help her mom be involved and because of that feel the spirit and want to start progressing as well.  Hopefully things go well; we did set a baptismal goal that both D and her mother agreed to, so our prayers are hopeful.

I've got to get on my way, so I'll let you know how the baptism goes and all next email.  Love you lots!

Elder Brown

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