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Monday, May 18, 2015

A Baptism, Fighting Fires and Gratitude

Hi mom and dad :) .  

It has been a good week, thanks!  No worries, I sent the pictures to you from the baptism, plus a couple others. 

This week was good in a lot of ways, the highlight being of course D's baptism.  As you might have noticed from the picture, I have a new companion from transfers last week named E. Rogers.  I knew him way back at the beginning of my mission while he was in Sheffield as well, so I was super excited to have him here.  He goes home a few weeks after me, so he'll likely finish his mission out in this area.  We're getting along really well and are getting a lot done.  He's a great help, and I'm grateful for him.  

D's baptism went very well; she's an impressive young lady who'll go do much good in her life.  She was very ready for baptism and is going to be a tremendous strength to our sparse group of active young women and youth, and I hope it's a sign that the youth group will continue to grow.

We've seen some great challenges come up with members and investigators and nonmembers alike this week, and opposition has taken a surge in the Darnall area.  We're fighting fires, but I know God can help us all through it.  Opposition to God's true church is nothing new, and is a dynamo to growth if we handle it right.  If you could pray for the members here, it would be very much appreciated.

I've got to get going, but I love you very much and hope that your week will be a good one.  I'm so grateful for the letters you send.  They sometimes come in the most needed moments to uplift and help me remember I have a family at home who loves me.  You're the best!  I pray for you often, and I know God's looking out for you.

Elder Brown

Me and E. Rogers (my new companion) at D's baptism.

Us at O and D's house so E. Stulen could say goodbye.

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