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Monday, November 3, 2014

I Love Our Members!

Hello, mom and dad, beloved and thought about :) .  

I'm just about better from being sick, but I've been able to follow the usual schedule this week (except morning exercise) despite the sickness, so we're doing good!  Nice pumpkins!  We didn't do one.  For Halloween we handed out Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlets instead of candy because we don't have any money haha.  We had to be in early so as to be safe and avoid people encouraged to do foolish things because they're wearing a mask.  Make any gospel connections you like out of that :) . 
This week was clearly fantastic as the pictures I sent will surely show.  We had a baptism!  F, a man who's been investigating the church for about three years but had stopped for a period, about a month ago had his heart telling him that baptism was something he needed to do.  He told his brother, who was baptized last December, and his brother told us.  We then had a lesson with him and his brother there as a support and set a day for him to work towards.  As we've taught him, he's made all the neccessary changes to get ready to be baptized and hasn't missed a week of church since the first lesson.  His baptism had a huge spiritual impact on many people, including all of the 8 investigators in attendance and the less active we got there as well.  In fact, this particular less active hasn't been to anything to do with the church in over three years, and we were able to get him to come to this baptism.  Even better?  He came by car with his non-member friend who we've been teaching in this less-active's house!  Everyone there was so happy, and the Spirit of God was very strong.  I ended up doing the baptismal ordinance because the member who was supposed to do it was unable to come, and it was a true privilige.  At church the next day we had a higher attendance from Slovaks than we've had for many weeks, giving the room a pleasant feeling of being more full.  Every seat will be full one of these days.  We'll get there.  We also scheduled a new couple for baptism this week, and they're a wonderful family.  They're relatives of some branch members and moved to the same street as 3 member or part-member families, including their relatives, who then referred us over there.  Our first visit was exceptionally good, our Elder's quorum president coming to teach with us (one of their relatives), and since then they've been doing great.  I love our members and the good work that they do.  That about covers our week, so I wish you a good one as well :) .

I'm excited to hear more from you next week and in your letters; thank you so much for them.  They really help a lot.

You're the best, love you!
Elder Brown

The baptism of F!  Elder Vogli, my new companion, is on the end.

Elder Moreira and I with Bro. Nettleship, who helps out in our branch as branch mission leader and 1st counselor on the branch presidency.

Elder Williams and I mourning the loss of our dear old flat.

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