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Monday, November 17, 2014

A Very Good Week

Hey mom and dad :) . 

 I'm glad you liked the extra email I sent this last week, it was good conference.  I'm excited for your letters, as always.  Bummer weather, but I find it hard to pity you.  It's been rainy and foggy all week, actually for a couple weeks.  I've forgotten what the sun looks like.  

Our week has been a very good one, and we've had some lessons that I've really enjoyed.  One of them was just yesterday with a new couple I've never taught before.  I'd contacted the husband at a bus stop late one night near transfers a few weeks ago as we were travelling home, and we hadn't been able to get a hold of him since then.  Turns out, they went on vacation and recently returned, so yesterday when we tried by they were home.  They aren't too familiar with religion (pretty unusual for Roma people), but I guess they recently started reading from the Bible every day together from the beginning, which is in itself really impressive.  We're trying to help many members have such diligent scripture study, and these two haven't even been taking lessons and started doing it.  They also speak quite fluent English with a pretty good English accent, so Elder Vogli was able to take part in the lesson a lot more than usual, me not having to translate what he said (except some gospel vocab that even an English person likely wouldn't be familiar with.

Sorry that this email is a bit shorter, I contacted a white Slovak woman sitting across from me at the computer and she was overjoyed that I could help teach her boyfriend Slovak grammar.  Talking to her meant sacrificing some of this time, but I guess since you got an extra email earlier and you'll get a letter soon, it should be ok.

Love you lots!
Elder Brown

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