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Monday, May 12, 2014

Day After Mother's Day

Hi mom and dad :) .  

I loved talking to you this week, too.  It was strange for me to see how Tamsyn and Jaalah are growing up.  To be honest, Tamsyn is starting to remind me of me at that age.  I agree with you about the vitality of where I am now and what I'm doing.  The growth that I can see in myself is colossal, and it isn't slowing down.  It will carry with me for the rest of all eternity.  I'm so grateful to you and dad for giving me that chance to take this step, because this is largely thanks to how you and dad helped me find and walk on the right path throughout my life at home.  You are both so blessed for that, and you'll be seeing the blessings flow if you haven't already.

There were several very interesting things this week, a couple of which I already told you (like some Hungarians trying to hook me up with there daughter five minutes after meeting them...).  One of the best miracles of this week involved one of our investigators named D.  She and her husband have been investigators for around a month now, and we've had some really good things happening with them.  They aren't married yet, so after we taught them the law of chastity they set a goal of getting married in September.  That was great, of course, but another miracle followed later.  We taught the Word of Wisdom, knowing that D smokes, and she listened very carefully the whole time.  During the lesson I translated for Elder Misselwitz so that he could say something, and he bore testimony of how the giving up the harmful substances advised against in the Word of Wisdom can really bless a person's life.  He had only been a member for two years before he came out on a mission, and so he saw a big difference in his life when he gave up things like alcohol.  That visit went well, and they commited to live that commandment, but when we went there for our next appointment, we were astounded to hear what D had to tell us.  After hearing Elder Misselwitz's testimony, she decided that she could change too, and that day she completely gave up smoking.  She said it made her really sick and that it was really hard, but she said she wants to follow God and she knows what she has to do, so she did it.  That's some serious willpower right there; she's one strong woman in her faith in God.  Obviously we were quite amazed by that, and once again I have to tell you that miracles have not ceased here in Sheffield.

I love you very much, and I pray that miracles come your way as well.  I know God will send them if you ask in faith, being willing to do what he asks of us.  Write you next week,

Elder Brown

Elder Frahm and I after a lovely uphill walk without umbrellas in a rainstorm (plus a car drenching us in a tunnel)

Some interesting food

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