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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Changes and Baptisms

Hi mom :) .  I'll get you the details soon here about Skyping you, which I should be doing from the Allens' home.  I'll have Sister Allen send you the information, because I currently don't know.  No worries about your heart leaking through the eyes, it happens sometimes.  I can't wait to talk to you all :) .  It's going to be good, real good.

Things changed a bit in the branch and district this transfer; I got put with Elder Misselwitz, a German who doesn't speak Slovak and has been serving with Elder Williams for this transfer.  Elder Frahm is now with Elder Williams.  The other two Elders in my district are both gone now, one went home (Elder White) and the other got transferred.  Things'll be interesting, that's for sure.  It means I'm doing literally everything now--teaching, finding, planning, taking care of district leader responsibilities, etc.  Crazy.

This week's been another amazing one.  I know I'm probably starting to sound like a broken record saying that, but it's true every week.  This week M was baptized, and she wanted me to baptize her.  She tells us every time we go over there how blessed we are going to be for bringing what we have to her home.  She's got such a testimony of how God answers prayers, and she's got the experiences to prove it.  She even bore her testimony at her baptismal service and also in sacrament meeting, and everybody listened to her, riveted by the Spirit.  It's amazing what living the gospel of Jesus Christ can do for a person.

We also had some really strong lessons with a man we've begun teaching recently, and he ended up walking to church with us on Sunday.  We said we'd come by his house at 9:30, and when we were walking up the street at 9:10 he was already outside and waiting.  He ended up enjoying it a lot, and when we asked him in the next lesson we had if he would be baptized, both he and his 14-year-old son accepted.  The wife and son would've come to church as well, but the mother was stuck in bed becuase she was sick.  They all are planning on coming to church this week, though.  The wife even referred us to her friends the other day as we were walking down the street and stopped to talk with her.  They are people we're also teaching, and I guess they mentioned that to her and they got talking about it.  We were supposed to have had an appointment with them the previous day, but they weren't home when we went by, so this lady told us to go by right then.  We did and got a return appointment.  Everybody seems to know everybody around here.

That's my week, and I have to say that it was pretty good.  I'm looking forward to seeing all of your faces Sunday :) .  Love you so very much!

Starsi Brown

The baptism of M and the G family

my first district as district leader

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