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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Some Changes

Hello family :) .  I hope you're all doing well, I pray for you every day.  I got your letter from last week today, along with one from Grammy and papa, and Marissa.  I was really happy to get them, so thanks for that :) .  You should've gotten my letter this week as well. This week has been really interesting, and pretty different than what I've had experience with so far because now I'm training, and we've been in a threesome.  Elder Sindylek is now going to be a zone leader, and will still be in Sheffield 4.  I am also still in this area, but we have a meeting tomorrow at the mission office, so I am either going to be receiving some instruction on training, or they could possibly be having us open up a new branch in Rotherham, so we'll see what happens.  Training is going really well--I like elder Frahm a lot.  He works hard and is putting a ton of effort in to learning the language.  It's harder for him than it was/is for me, but he's improving quickly, and I appreciate his hard work.  Things will be different with investigators now, because all the ones in Firth Park and Rotherham are going to have to go to Elder Sindylek, as he will take the zone leaders' car, and the car we were using is being taken by the sisters.  Elder Frahm and I will now be on foot, so we're pretty limited to our proselyting range.  We'll spend most of our time in Darnall now.

There have been miracles this week, as there always are in missionary work.  I'll share a couple of them that were highlights for us.  The first is what happened while we were in a lesson with P and M.  Near the end of the lesson, P's uncle came in the door and sat down and started listening.  He had some great questions that we were able to answer about the gospel, and then he told us that he had met missionaries who had given him a Book of Mormon, and he had been reading it every night.  Those missionaries had never come by his house to talk to him more, so he gave us his address, and really wanted us to come over.  He lives pretty close to our flat, so Elder Frahm and I will get to teach him :) .

Another miracle involved a referral received in a very unique and unexpected way.  Yesterday I received mail from a sister missionary companionship in Slovakia, and they were writing to let us know how they had come across someone for us to teach.  While they were street contacting, they stopped a woman who was visiting the city because it was her hometown.  It turns out that she married an Englishman, and has been living in or near Sheffield for years now.  She was very impressed by how young people were out serving God, and said that she would love to have the missionaries come by to see her.  We'll be giving her a call soon to find out where she lives, and I'm hoping it's close enough for Elder Frahm and I to teach her.

That's my week, and I'm excited to let you know about my next one next week already.
Love you lots!
Elder Brown

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