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England Leeds Mission
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Baptisms and Teaching

Things this week have been really good as far as missionary work is concerned.  We've been finding a lot of new investigators in Rotherham and Firth Park, and of course the baptism was fantastic.  I had the privilege of performing the baptism for F, as well as giving him the gift of the Holy Ghost in church on Sunday.  I have so much love and respect for the guy.  His desires to serve the Lord are immense, and he shows it constantly with the things he does.  Before we went into the baptismal font, he told us that he was afraid of water, but he immediately waved it off, saying that the Lord was more important.  I reassured him, reminding him that I'm more than strong enough to bring him back out of the water, and supported what he had said before.  It was a beautiful thing seeing him sitting with his new wife (as of last week) and daughter all together, beaming with happiness.  He bore the greatest testimony afterwards about how he got to this point and all the trials that they had to overcome, and how grateful he was that he could finally serve God more fully. 

We actually have another baptism coming up next week (M, another investigator from Rotherham), so we've had some great lessons with him.  He's a spiritual giant, and the things we teach he understands wonderfully.  He's read to Alma in the Book of Mormon, but the reason he hasn't read the whole thing twice over by now is because he rereads every page a couple times to make sure he really understands it.  By the time he moves on, he's always got a great understanding of what he's read.  He really loved the story of Abinadi, and read that many times over to make sure he didn't miss anything.

We've been rebuilding our teaching pool because we've baptized most of the investigators we were working with. To do so, we've contacted a bunch of referrals we had because we finally had time, and now we have another group of really promising investigators.  I'm excited to begin working with them, and I know that they've been provided by God because they're ready to hear his message and come closer to Him.

That's my week this time around, and I know this coming week will bring it's own miracles as well.  Thank you for your love and support :) .  You are in my prayers every day, and I hope you know I love you very very much.
S láskou, dovidenia,
Starší Brown

Here's a picture of some food I ate that I've never had before.  It's like a fried pancake texture and tastes like garlic bread, and they also gave us a very fatty piece of pork meat to go alongside.  I spent more than half the meal time peeling all the fat off of it ha.

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