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Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Little Late Posting This One but Here It Is!

Hey there mom and dad!  Thanks for the email (especially the bit in Slovak, it was a pleasant surprise to see that), as well as the pictures from L.  It's good to see that he's having a bit of fun while he's out and about.  I attached a picture of some more Slovak (not gypsie) food I had this week that was pretty good.  I'm glad Sister Allen is sending pictures, I don't have a ton of oppurtunities to take them myself.  So I got together a Christmas package for the family that I should be sending off today.  Don't worry, I didn't spend loads of money on it or anything.  The most expensive part will be sending it I think.  I hope you like it, I tried to find something for every person that would fit them and that they would enjoy, but was also special from England :) . 

I didn't get transferred by the way, I'm still in the same flat with the same companion.  It's something I'm grateful for, because we've got a lot of really good things going on with our work.  I didn't get transferred, and I still have the same companion, but our zone got switched around a lot. My companion and I will have a lot more work now because one of the native Czech speakers went home, and we'll need to cover his investigators now as well.

 As always, the week has not been lacking in miracles.  I'm am so grateful for the people I teach and the amazing spirits that they have.  It's a real blessing to work with them.  One thing that may seem small at first glance quite amazed me when I thought back on it later that night.  I was teaching a lesson with one of our Czech investigators (still a gypsie though) who is now living with a member family.  The members are L and A, and L is 2nd counselor in the branch presidency.  They have a daughter (S) who is mentally disabled, who I've only ever heard say "Ahoj (meaing hi or bye) and "Co to je?" (meaning "what is that?").  I was teaching L's niece and her two kids, who recently moved in with them. kind of alone, because Elder Sindylek was on temporary exchange with L, helping him prepare a lesson for Sunday, and so I was with Elder and Sister Allen.  I say I was kind of alone because they don't speak the language, but they did support me with things that I translated for them.  As I was teaching, I briefly forgot a word that I needed, and paused in my sentance for just a second.  In that brief moment, S says the word I need, and I continued teaching.  After the lesson, I thought back on it and realized exactly what had happened.  A mentally disabled girl, supposedly incapable of much understanding, who only has five words to her vocabulary, supplied me with an uncommon, non-conversational religious word exactly at the moment I needed it.  I don't think that's coincidence.  I believe the Spirit works very much among those who aren't all the way here mentally.  It was a small but sweet and mind-opening miracle of the week.

I'm out of time now, but I'll be getting you a letter here eventually.  You'll probably get my package first, I'm not really sure.  I hope you all enjoy the cruise!

Love you lots,
Elder Brown

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