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Monday, November 4, 2013

Today's Email and a Picture

This week I wanted to talk about a family that we have been teaching that is yet another miracle I have the opportunity to be a part of.  It's actually the very first family that I taught when I got out here in the field, and this week we were able to go by and teach them again.  They are, as my Czech companion says, epic.  They are completely ready for baptism, having been taught all of the lessons, and are also keeping all of the commitments they are given.  They live in Rotherham, so the church is a ways away and it takes a lot of effort for them to get there on Sundays.  However, they've overcome so many things that have opposed them from coming (truly, they are so faithful), and have been having great experiences.  All that we're waiting for is for them to get their passports back from the government so that they can get married and then baptised.  When we went to see them this week, the brother of the Fero (the man of the house) was there.  His name is Rast'o, and he is already progressing so well.  He was reading the Book of Mormon diligently before we even met with him, thanks to the influence of Fero.  Fero has the strongest testimony, and while we were teaching Rast'o, he brought such a great spirit when he spoke.  Rast'o is living with Fero, so it's fantastic because it means that Rast'o constantly has that good influence all the time.  Fero is going to be a great teacher one day--he really knows well the things that we've taught him, and he isn't afraid to bear testimony about them. 

We've also been working with a man who is very, very afraid of putting his head under the water, and thus has a big barrier to being baptised.  He's been ready for like a year, and honestly is a stronger member than some of the people who are actual members.  I shared with him Ne. 3:7, emphasizing the part that the Lord will prepare a way to accomplish all of his commandments, and he really felt the Spirit there.  We invited him to do a practice baptism with us some time so he could get used to it and such, and he liked the idea.  Hopefully it will really help him feel comfortable with actually being baptised.  He is the nicest guy--he's like a big old teddy bear, and he even talks like you might expect a big teddy bear of a man to talk.  He always has his shirt off when we come, his big old belly just hanging out free.  He's so funny, and has the biggest heart; I really love him.

Thanks for your letters and the promised of more :) .  I love to hear from you, and that is best way to do so.  I'm thinking that I'll send home a package of some sort for Christmas with some things from you all, and maybe I'll put in the letters too (like I did with the ones from the MTC).  If you would like to send me my Ludovico Einaudi piano music book for Christmas, that would be awesome.  On p-days, we're usually at the chapel, and I don't have all my songs memorized to play them on the piano.  Love you all lots, I think of and pray for you every day!
Elder Brown

Fero, Anna, Rast'o, Elder Allen (in hat, senior missionary) and kids
They are eating red vines which they have never had before.  :)

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