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England Leeds Mission
Lister House, Lister Hill
England LS18 5AZ

Monday, November 11, 2013

Email 11-11

Hello mom and dad!  I'll be sending another letter today, just so you know.  I can't believe you sent that music already.  I didn't mean for you to do that!  Thank you much though :) .  I will enjoy it a lot.  And I love you too :) .  (Do you know that you're supposed to send packages to the mission home?  I think it will be ok if you didn't, but just so you know)  I don't need a water bottle, I can quite easily get one today.  Actually, we might have one back at the flat.  I'm glad you liked the letter, I tried to put as much into it as I could.

This week I want to write about an investigator we have who has been progressing rapidly, and has shown some miraculous things in lessons we've taught.  One day we went over to teach her, and she mentioned that she had some family member's who lived nearby that were intersted.  We went over there with her, and we began to speak with and teach a couple of guys and a woman.  The man and wife were the relatives, and the other man was their neighbor.  As we taught them, they were really interested and accepting of what we had to say.  They listened carefully to everything, and asked some really great questions.  The whole time, our investigator, named Alzbeta, was helping us out, giving a bunch of input and answering their questions.  I was amazed at how well she remembered lessons that we had taught quite a while ago.  At one point, she likened our goal of getting back to Heavenly Father to the Tree of Life in Lehi's dream, and explained the significance of the rod of iron as the word of God, testifying that the scriptures are vital.  It was so amazing.  This woman's only been meeting with the missionaries for a month and a half at most, and has only even been to church once.  Obviously, she's reading the Book of Mormon every day, and a lot of it.  It's great to watch.

Also, we finally got one of our investigators to church who needed to go one more time before baptism!  There have been all these barriers the last few weeks that have prevented him from coming, but this week he made it!  I should be sending word of another baptism here pretty soon for us.  Even better was that one of his friends from work is another investigator of ours who has struggled with the motivation to go to church.  When this one found out his friend was going, he came too.  Not only that, but he wants to be baptized as well, and if he's ready we'll try and do it the same day as his friend.  Not only that, but these two brought one of their friends to church with them that we had never met before!  We set up an appointment with him later today.  These people are so great here.  They refer us to all their friends and family, so our teaching pool continues to grow.  I see the Lord's hand in this, because as these other people we have been teaching near baptism, we'll have time to begin seeing new people.  These new people are being provided as fast as we can handle them, and it's such a blessing.  Truly, the field is white, all ready to harvest.

That's all I've got time for this week :( .  But next week I will write again!  Thanks for reading, writing, and loving :) .  You're the greatest family I could ask for.  Love you lots, hopefully my letter gets there soon!
Elder Zachary Brown

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