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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A New Call and a Baptism!

Ahoj, matka moja a otec moj!  Well, bad news first--I didn't pass my driving test, though I only had 4 faults, 3 of which weren't serious (the national average is 9, and it takes 11 to fail, I think).  The last was that I forgot to check my mirrors while turning off a roundabout (I'd missed the correct turn, so I was a little flustered), so that was considered dangerous and I failed :( .  Next time it should be better, though, it was a silly mistake and one I won't repeat.  Transfers have shaken things up a ton--I have been called as a zone leader, and will serve in that position with Elder Baird.  However (and this is entirely unusual), I will still have Elder Vogli as my companion for all non-zone leader-related things, and Elder Baird will also have a non-zone leader companion in his area.  Crazy, right?  Elder Williams is now filling the district leader position that I've left empty.  This means lots more work, but it'll be manageable as long as we have lots of help from heaven :) .

The absolute best miracle this week was the baptism of M--it was fantastic, as was when he received the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday.  He wanted me to perform both ordinances, though we tried to suggest other options of branch members, and I have to say that I've not felt the Spirit so strongly during any other confirmation I've done.  The words I spoke were not my own, but right from God to him, and there were some powerful promises given, including that he will lead his family one day to be sealed in the temple.  Ma didn't end up getting baptized, still feeling unsure of things, but she really enjoyed the baptism of her husband.  She's told us that she thinks she needs a month or so, and will tell us when she's ready to have a date.  If you could keep her in your prayers, that would be fantastic.  She reads the scriptures every night and prays, and she's living all the commandments, so I know she'll get her answer if she keeps it up.  Mg and Aa (from Doncaster) had their baptismal interviews the same night M got baptized, and both of them passed.  They're scheduled for the 13th, but they have to come to church on the 7th; their car was in poor condition this Sunday and they couldn't make it, so if you could also pray that they can get that worked out this week, that would be fantastic.  They're both so good, and they're excited for their baptism.

Mom, I wanted to thank you for the prayers you send on prompting from the Holy Ghost.  I have felt that support on multiple occasions and wondered where it came from and why.  Thank you so much for that.  Thank you, dad, for the email as well. You're the best parents ever, and I'm so glad to have your support and guidance.  You are one of the greatest blessings I will have in my entire life, and I love you very much.  I'm looking forward to talking to you :) .

Elder Brown

After M's Baptism

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