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Monday, October 20, 2014

Moving and Miracles

Hi mom and dad :) .  This week has been a good one, but pretty crazy at the same time.  I've been sick for the past for few days with a cold which unexpectedly triggered asthmatic symptoms (which haven't bothered me for the longest time until now--I think because of the lack of sports thanks to recent rules banning them [a bunch of missionaries went and got injured :p]).  I didn't have a working inhaler, so I got one on Saturday and that improved things a lot.  I'm on the uphill now, and we kept working through the sickness anyway.  We also had to move to a new flat on short notice, which required a lot of time and effort on our part.  The zone leaders (who we now live with) and the assistants all helped us move.  I'm not sure how long we'll be at this address, as it's actually up for sale.  Just so you know.  Plus, this week will be transfers, so who knows what will happen. 

 I loved all the stories I recieved from you all, and I've begun translation of one (dad's).  They're fantastic!  I've highlighted parts of each story that I've liked, and will be sharing these examples with people I teach.  I already have been doing so.  Please thank everyone for me who's helping out with this.  I'm taking driving lessons every other week and haven't booked my test yet, but I should be doing that tomorrow.  I am working on a letter, but I am currently very behind with a lot of things because of moving and illness, so I can't promise it'll be out to you anytime soon.  Thanks for your pictures, though--I've sent a few to you.

One of the fantastic miracles we had this week was actually yesterday at church.  We had good attendance, first of all, (hooray!!) and then one of our members walks in (L, the 2nd counselor on the branch presidency) with a non-Roma, Slovak friend!  Have we ever had one at church like that before?  No!  He enjoyed the meetings and was glad to invite us over to see him later this week.  Way to go, L, and wow, what a miracle!  The non-Roma Slovaks are usually not as open to hearing about God as our beloved members are, so this was quite a good miracle to see.  Also this week we had some great lessons involved in encouraging members to write their conversion stories so we can make a book out of them, and we've had some very positive responses.  It's going to be a good book :) .  
One man we're working with who's preparing for baptism is doing absolutely brilliant.  It should be the first of November if things work out right, so we're excited with him.  He's waited a long time, unsure if it's something he should do or not, and he's decided and is ready now.  There's plenty of good news from this week, and we're ready for another successful week this time around to finish off this transfer strong.  Hopefully Elder Moreira will stick around with me for a while longer--he's a great help, looks like a gypsy, and makes work fun (just look at the picture I sent).  We'll see what happens, I guess.
Love you lots, and I'll catch you next week!

Elder Brown
P.S.  You're super awesome!

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