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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Work in Manor

Hey mom and dad!  We had transfer calls and such, so Monday is a normal proselyting day and p-day gets moved to Tuesday.  This happens every six weeks, but I'm sorry I forgot to tell you.  It's easy to forget little things like that when I have so much else to tell you about.  There's nothing new in the Slovak branch transfer-wise; all the companionships stayed the same.  It's a bit weird because we were all expecting at least Elder Krylborne (Elder Sindylek's current companion) to move or get dropped from zone leader because this is his last transfer.  President has made that a bit of a norm--drop zone and district leaders a transfer or two before they go home.  We're happy to have him stay, though--he's a great guy.  Elder Misselwitz is also on his last transfer now, so this next one I'll be with someone else (we'll see who).  We also know that next transfer Elder Sindylek will be training the new Czech native coming the end of July, so he'll for sure be dropped from zone leader.  Lots of changes are coming next transfer, but this one's pretty lacking news-wise.  I'm glad you got my letter--I do my best to get those written often.  It's pretty hard, to be honest, but I love writing them.  I don't get to use my writing skills here as much as I like, but there are outlets--preparing instruction for my district, writing in my journal, and writing letters.

This week's been pretty crazy.  We've had a ton of work to do going around supporting members and investigators in Darnall because there's lately been a huge surge of anti-church people showing up and trying to destroy all the good that's going on here.  It's quite a lot to handle, but God's on our side, and these people who are staying firm in the church are so strong and truly amaze me.  They will be (and are) so blessed for their faithfulness and steadfastness.

As for the new work we've begun doing in the Manor and Manor Top areas, it's progressing very well.  There's a family in both of those areas that are very good, and we've had some very strong lessons with them this week.  One of those lessons was just yesterday after district meeting.  It was our second time being in the family's home, and so we spoke with them for a bit.  Most of the things they were saying pointed toward a need for us to talk about the message of the Restoration of the church, so we began to teach about that.  As the progression of events in our message were unfolded to them, they got quieter and quieter and more and more still.  By the time I shared the story of the First Vision and where the Book of Mormon and priesthood authority came from, the Holy Ghost had filled the room with gentle strength, pressing on their hearts to tell them that what we spoke was true.  They gladly and gratefully accepted a Book of Mormon, and the woman began flipping through the pages with a smile touching her lips.  They also accepted the invitation to be baptized if they came to know from God through prayer and reading the Book of Mormon that what we had taught was true.  I left that house completely at peace in my heart, knowing that the Spirit had testified through us and that we had fulfilled our calling with them that day.  I love lessons like this and people like this--willing to listen, open to ask God, and happy to walk His path.  These things are what bring me joy out here doing what I'm doing.  I love it.

This weekend there will be the baptism of R, who was married the other week, along with two of his kids.  He and I had connected really well when Elder Sindylek and I first began teaching him, and he was ready for baptism for a long time, just needing to get married.  He wants me to baptize him, by which I am honored.  This is another one of those joys of missionary work--when someone's changed their life to follow God by being baptized.  Being able to perform the baptism for him adds even more sweetness to that day.  He'll be a strong man and builder of the kingdom the rest of his life.  I know because he already is such.

Those were a couple of the biggest joys this week has brought, and I'm really excited for what this week will bring to follow.  Love you lots, and I'll write you next week :) .

Starsi Brown

Elder Brown, Elder Allen, Elder Misselwitz and friend

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