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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm a Little Late Getting This Posted but Here it Is!

I only have time to write about like one experience every week, so here's this week's miracle:
This week we've been really praying for everyone to read the Book of Mormon, because we know of the good it does in people's lives, and it's something these people really struggle to do.  The miracle is, almost every single one of them began to read!  It was the most amazing thing, because they started to change.  Their homes became different in the course of a single day; lighter, more comfortable, because the Spirit was there.  They also have been keeping other commitments because of it, like going to church.  This week was the most amazing Sunday yet, because of how many people made it to church.  We totaled 13 investigators from just my companion and I, and there was a overall total of 85 people at sacrament meeting!  This is the most this branch has had yet, and we are so close to our goal of 100.  One of the families that came was the one I told you about last week, and they didn't even have shoes.  We found some for them so that they could walk with us the 2 miles to church, and they did, and they loved it!  They've also been reading the Book of Mormon (which they also dearly love), which I know makes all the difference.  Another one of our investigators is prepared for baptism, and should make it to church this Sunday and be baptized the following Friday.  Hooray!  He's also been reading the Book of Mormon.  Truly, that book works miracles in people's lives.  It's wonderful to watch.
Love you tons!
Elder Brown

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