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Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Letter Day!

Dear Family,

Thanks for the love you all send every time you write me.  Whenever I write you I try to convey as much love as I can.  I hope you can feel it.

I wanted to tell you about a talk I heard on Tuesday by Richard G. Scott.  He came to the Marriott Center and spoke for our devotional.  It was broadcast to all the MTC's around the world and I was part of the choir (which was enormous!)  That was awesome, but Elder Scott's talk was so amazing.  The Spirit was there big time with every word he said.  The best part though was at the beginning and end of his talk.  Both times he invoked an apostolic blessing on the missionaries from the pulpit, blessing especially the missionaries learning languages.

The power in his words was tangible, it was so powerful.  I could feel the power of his love, priesthood and spirit in great strength.  I've never felt anything with so much strength.  I know of a surety that he is a true apostle of the Lord, and that he pronounced his blessing with full support from the Spirit.  We have the most amazing devotionals here at the MTC.

So Elder Williams and Elder Jardine sent mom letters.  Haha.  They really want to get something back from you.  I think Elder Jardine also wrote Jaalah.

I got to go through the Provo temple today, which finally opened.  It was really good.  I got to see the new film which was pretty cool.  The cafeteria food there was also very excellent.

The language continues to come along very well, but it's still slower than I would like.  That's good news about my visa, I'm glad I won't have to wait to get out into the field because of that.  I'm also glad to hear about the Regent Scholarship, that's really good news.  I was actually wondering about that the other day so thanks for letting me know.

I hope you liked the pictures I sent, it's pretty much everything I have.  There's not very much to photograph at the MTC, and when we go to the Marriott Center we can't take pictures.  I got one of the Provo temple but I don't have anything else from outside the MTC.  I'll probably have more when I get to England.

My companion and I now have the calling of sacrament coordinators.  (the Bulgarians are headed out so they've re-shuffled the callings.)  We got really nervous when we both got brought in for an interview at the same time.  We were like, "this had better not be for zone leaders", and thankfully it wasn't.  That is way too time consuming!  All they do is go to meetings, it seems like.  Speaking of zone leaders, Elder De St Jeor (whose call is to Bulgaria) has been reassigned to Idaho while he waits for his visa.  haha.  He's the SYTYCD guy, if you didn't remember.  It made me glad to know my visa is already cleared.

I love you all so much.  I couldn't ask for a better family.  I know every day I can count on some kind words from my family, usually mom.  :)  It warms my heart every time.  Thanks again, you're all the best!

Love, Elder Zachary Brown

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